RUMORS: Joe Biden to replace Hillary due to “health concerns”

RUMORS: Joe Biden to replace Hillary due to “health concerns” [VIDEO]

September 6, 2016

What happens in the presidential race if Hillary Clinton’s health forces her to abandon her campaign?

The Outnumbered hosts took a look at the possible scenarios, including Vice President Joe Biden being “parachuted in” by the party to take on Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton being replaced by Joe Biden would be far more likely a scenario.

Melissa Francis argued that Republicans should not be rooting for an indictment because Biden would probably become the nominee over Bernie Sanders.

Trump has said he wants to run against Clinton, believing he will defeat her in November.

Prior to the Primary Election Jonah Goldberg of the National Review said he does not see that happening, pointing to the chaos that would ensue. Joe Biden replacing Hillary Clinton would be a much more likely outcome.

“I would love for them to do that. Because then Bernie says, ‘Wait a second, I got more votes than almost anybody, I’m gonna run third-party.’ Then we’d have a three-party race. That’s good for Trump or it could create a four-party race,” said Goldberg.

Meghan McCain questioned how much more information the FBI needs in order to recommend charges against Clinton.

“I’m not traditionally a conspiracy theorist, but at this point, if this were a Republican right now, they’d probably already be sitting in jail. … It’d be like Game of Thrones, going ‘shame’ through the villages,” she joked.


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    Jesuit stooge/sabbos goy Joe Biden has zero right to run as the Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. The job should be handed to the next in the votes such as Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden is the current regime everyone wants removed even though Clinton will continue the same policies as Biden. A Biden pick would make it even easier for Trump to win the U.S. Election that he already has won hands down as long as there’s no Trenton scamming actions (word of warning to the MOSSAD). In truth the Democratic Party should bring back Martin O’Malley who was the only true enemy of Wall Street!

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