Russia is rapidly preparing for nuclear war, with 100 percent survival of the Russian people

Russia is rapidly preparing for nuclear war, with 100 percent survival of the Russian people

By: Jim Stone

America is preparing for nuclear war also, with 100 percent survival of the elite and top military, and ZERO survival of the population.

The “elite” do not care about the blacks and latinos in America dying in a nuclear war, but they do care about killing off the white population, a kill off they want to be as complete as possible.

All major media sources are now admitting that yes, indeed, Russia is building a countless number of nuclear command bunkers, but what not all are saying is that the effort is just as strong to build safe refuges for all of Russia’s people. And Russia can accomplish this, (just like America could accomplish this) with ease. Nuclear shelters are cheap and easy to make with today’s tech. All it takes is concrete, rebar, a bulldozer and enough food and water for a week. Everyone has that, and the shelters only need to be far enough down to make sure there is a total of at least two feet of water in whatever soil is above it, and if it is the correct soil, it does not even need that much water or to be very deep at all. Water tied up in concrete also counts toward the total. 8 feet down will work in practically any situation, and that is very easy to do.

So, the question is, since fallout shelters are so easy to make, why is the U.S. government not doing it, even with Hillary clearly stating that if she gets in she will wipe Iran off the map and go to war with Russia?

ANSWER: Because the same people who would give the green light to building the bomb shelters are staging race hate riots, clearing Hillary of everything, stopping all prosecution, rigging the vote, and hoping and praying America gets nuked off the map so the American population no longer stands in the way of the implementation of the New World Order.

In other words, America is not being prepared as it should be simply because the enemy has infiltrated America’s government at all levels. Not only are they not building the bomb shelters as they should be doing from a government level, they are running psy ops to make sure anyone who can see the light of day and proceeds to build one will be deemed a nut case, and hit with a pile of permits and paperwork before they can even get started.

No doubt a nuclear war will completely shut down all food production and distribution. It will force the survivors to submit to the New World Order or starve. Do not forget: Regulations have already been passed to make having a garden illegal in most areas, and subject to approval by permit in practically all others. They want the American population to be devastated by family losses, starving and injured, and begging for help – which when given will be completely conditional to whatever whim the New World order wishes.

Russia is watching, and Putin is nervous. He is watching the rigged election. No doubt he knows about Hillary’s hack-a-thon brag, (I have been specifically told by high level contacts the world’s intelligence agencies hit this web site) and no doubt Russia’s intelligence has. Hillary’s secret is no secret at all, her “hack-a-thon election” is well known by Russia by now, and Putin is nervous.

I have no doubt Hillary and all the rest of the recent presidents after Reagan have been appointed communist plants, worse than Russia will tolerate on their own turf. I have little doubt that Russia is still communists under the waves, but I also think that the new “american brand of communism” Hillary would usher in is something Russia has no interest in at all. They will definitely go nuclear before they allow Hillary’s ilk to tell them what to do, and as Hillary and the rest of the FED would have it, the American people will lose.

So what preparations is Russia making?

Russia is/has developed hypersonic missiles that can hit multiple targets (aircraft, incoming nuclear warheads, etc) that are several generations ahead of America’s and make the Patriot system look like a pile of junk. The S-300 was a very competent missile system that was already superior to the patriot, the s-400 is fully deployed, the S-500 is nearing deployment, and the S-600 is in development. Russian puffery? In this case, I think it is probably not puffery.

Russia is not worrying about making the next best nuclear sub, or the next best aircraft carrier or fighter or tank, what they have already is “good enough”, and what they are focusing on now is missile systems. And it looks to me like they might have something that is good enough to do America in, especially since nowadays practically all military expenditures in the U.S. go into the pockets of the corrupt. America is not getting good value on the dollar. America is not even getting bad value on the dollar. The entire system is so corrupt now that America is getting practically NOTHING on the dollar when it comes to weapons development, and the F-35 stands as a glistening turd of proof.

But it is worse than that, really.

All of America’s advanced defenses depend entirely upon satellites providing reference for the weapons to work, satellites providing a communication platform, satellites providing surveillance and intelligence. And both Russia and China have all the satellites mapped, and even the S-400 system (which is primarily designed for atmosphere/aircraft only) can take the low orbit ones out. For harder work and higher flying satellites, Russia has the Naryad system which has already been successfully tested against satellites by China, and if they handed that to China, I have little doubt Russia has something even better.

America also has anti satellite missiles, but the key point here is that America’s military prowess is almost entirely satellite based, and if Russia takes the satellites out, (and they can) America won’t do very well. The opening shots of a conventional war would involve destroying satellites and possibly nuking of aircraft carriers. I am confident that if Russia takes America’s satellites out Hillary would escalate to nuclear so fast it will make everyone’s head spin, and only Russia has the fallout shelters. I am certain Soros won’t care as he sits in his hole, safe and sound, and that if Hillary has any ability for caring at all, accomplishing a “caring” solution will be rendered impossible by a malfunctioning brain. She’ll go nuclear, NO IFS OR BUTS.

Bottom line? If Hillary scams in with her hack-a-thon it will probably mean war with Russia. If that happens, you might have only enough time to pack your bags and head for the hills. Definitely, if you can do that without leaving a job, you should do it on day one and wait it all out. I would not quit work to do it right away, that is something you will have to gauge but definitely if the war starts on a Friday, you had best bug out for the week end, because that can be done without consequence and things could escalate quickly. Beyond that, you are going to have to keep your eyes open, if Putin wipes out the satellites that is pretty much a green indicator for nuclear war. KEEP THE BUG OUT MOBILE PACKED, AND YOUR FAMILY ON THE PHONE IF POSSIBLE AND YOU HAVE TO WORK.

DO NOT play stupid and quit your job the day Hillary scams herself in, or even the day war breaks out, because if somehow it all ends up being nothing you don’t want to be a “retard” without a job. The best you can do will be to gauge the situation, and hit a rational decision as to whether or not it really is time to declare that TS has indeed hit TF, and make an exit at a practical time.

I don’t need to ask you if you at least have 200 lbs of carbos in one form or another set aside for a disaster scenario, do I? Don’t tell me you are just going to grab whatever spaghetti-os and other crap you have in your pantry and head for the hills when you meant to go shopping at the end of the week . . . . . and then forget to bring a pot or pan to cook in or anything to acquire wild food with, or even to start a fire . . . . . no, that cute “survival knife” won’t cut it if it is all you have.

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