Russian King Servers Firm’s Owner Accuses US PayPal of Blocking Accounts

Russian King Servers Firm’s Owner Accuses US PayPal of Blocking Accounts

BUSINESS 06:50 03.10.2016

US payment system PayPal blocked accounts of Russian King Servers Firm, whose servers were allegedly used by hackers to conduct cyberattacks on US election systems, the firm’s owner said on Monday.

BARNAUL (Russia), (Sputnik) – In August, US experts said, that King Servers owned six out of eight IP addresses that FBI made public during the investigation. This was called one of the reasons, why the US accused Russian firm of being involvement in the crime.

“I have found out that my private and corporate accounts in the payment system PayPal are blocked without any reasoning,” the firm’s owner Vladimir Fomenko told RIA Novosti.

Fomenko added that he did not want to think that his account in PayPal was blocked because of the fact that some third parties used his firm’s servers to conduct criminal actions.

In September, Fomenko announced his intention to ask the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to carry out a joint investigation of the cyberattacks.

The FBI said that databases of voters in at least two states — Illinois and Arizona — were cracked in a hacking attack allegedly launched from abroad in late June.

The Illinois Board of Elections closed registration system for ten days in the end of July, after revealing that hackers broke into personal data of up to 200,000 voters, according to the FBI.

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