Russian Ship Accident kills four

Four killed in Russia ship accident

Sat Aug 17, 2013 4:43PM GMT

In Russia, four people have been killed and nearly 50 others injured after a passenger ship and a barge collided in the country’s southwestern Omsk region.

According to the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the accident took place on the Irtysh River, located in the Leninsky district of Omsk, early Saturday.

Reports say 14 people, including two children, are in critical conditions. The ministry added that they would be transferred to Moscow on Sunday.

Omsk Emergency Department also said three of those injured had fallen overboard.

“There were 56 passengers and four crewmembers onboard the ship,” Emergencies Ministry spokesperson, Irina Rossius said.

“Preliminary findings indicate that the collision happened due to the Polesye-8 ship’s deviation from its course,” the Transport Ministry said in a statement.

This is while the Interior Ministry said the ship’s captain had been operating while he was “intoxicated.”

According to unnamed sources, the accident could have been caused by a mechanical failure or the violation of navigation rules by the crew.

“The collision happened (while the vessels were moving) at full speed, and it has not been determined which crew violated rules,” the source added.

In 2011, 129 people, including 50 children, were killed near the central Russian city of Kazan, when a cruise vessel sank.

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