Same leftist media attacking Indiana’s religious freedom law openly supports doctors discriminating against parents who avoid vaccines for religious reasons

Same leftist media attacking Indiana’s religious freedom law openly supports doctors discriminating against parents who avoid vaccines for religious reasons

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Bigotry is totally acceptable in America, according to the leftist media, as long as that bigotry targets the “correct” groups of minorities. Case in point: The same leftist media now engaged in mass hysteria over Indiana’s religious freedom law — falsely claiming the law would allow businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians — openly condones doctors discriminating against minority groups of people who have a religious objection to being injected with toxic vaccines.

According to the leftist media, so-called “anti-vaxxers” are fair game for every kind of bigotry, hate speech, public shaming and condemnation anyone can come up with. And the children harmed by vaccines who must suffer a lifetime of permanent damage? They are utterly ignored by the mainstream media. (See horrific photos of vaccine-damaged children here.)

No, you’re being told it is only important to protect gays, lesbians and transgenders, but not to protect the religious freedoms of parents who object to vaccine medical interventions for their children. The “rights” of the minority group of children who are genetically susceptible (or nutritionally susceptible due to mineral deficiencies) to being damaged by toxic vaccine adjuvants are wholly abandoned. (Vaccines given to children today continue to be manufactured with aluminum, mercury, MSG, formaldehyde and antibiotics, didn’t you know?)

Apple CEO Tim Cook just another self-contradicting bigot who profits from countries that execute gays

The contradictions now emerging from the vocal Indiana bashers are extraordinary. Tim Cook, the openly gay Apple CEO, has condemned Indiana’s religious freedom law as an attack on gays, yet his own company buys its products from slave labor camps in China and then sells those products to nations that execute gays.

Tim Cook cares so much about gay rights that he’s willing to publicly attack Indiana, but not enough that he’s willing to boycott nations that execute gays… most likely because Apple still makes money from those nations.

Cook is precisely the same kind of arrogant, self-contradicting finger-wagging elitist who would almost certainly insist on eliminating religious exemptions for vaccines in California. Only gays and lesbians should have rights, he seems to imply, not people who choose to avoid the very real health risks of vaccines for personal or religious reasons. HIS minority group should enjoy protection, in other words. But not YOURS.

Bigots abound in the mainstream media and TV entertainment industry

And that’s the sickening contradiction now being repeated across the mainstream media and even by late-night comedians like Jimmy Kimmel, one of the most shameless bigots who openly mocked vaccine-damaged children and called parents “idiots” for not having their children injected with toxic vaccines. Kimmel, like almost everyone else in the leftist media, stands for no real principles at all. They simply want their AGENDA to win; principles be damned.

When it comes to gays and lesbians, progressives say, “We have to stop businesses from discriminating against those people!” But when it comes to parents who choose to protect their children from toxic vaccines, that principle is thrown out the window. Suddenly the same progressives scream, “We have to support businesses who discriminate against THOSE people!”

And so the real philosophical fraud of the leftist media agenda is exposed. It’s not about protecting human rights, human dignity or minority groups. If it were, then the minority group of anti-vaxxers would merit the same protection as other minority groups. No, the left only wants THEIR minority groups to be protected. All the other minority groups can go to Hell, we’re told.

You can’t have it both ways: Either gays and anti-vaxxers both deserve the same tolerance, or neither group does

At the risk of being wildly attacked for standing on principle, I will stick my neck way, way out and state the obvious: If we are going to promote any principle of “protecting minorities,” that principle must apply to ALL minority groups, not just selected ones favored by the left.

So if we want to live in a society that says businesses can’t deny service to gays and lesbians, then we must simultaneously embrace the same rule that says doctors can’t deny service to people who refuse vaccines.

If we want to live in a society that says pro-choice women have the right to decide what medical interventions take place with their own bodies — a common abortion argument in progressive circles — then we must simultaneously respect that same woman’s right to say NO to government-mandated vaccines. (Doesn’t “NO” still mean “NO” ? Or are we now supposed to believe that only when it comes to vaccines, NO means YES!)

How, exactly, does the left insist that abortion choice is a woman’s right, but vaccine choice isn’t? The contradictions are beyond maddening; they’re FATAL to the very credibility of the leftist media.

The very same leftist media that says businesses should not have the right to deny service to gays will deny advertising to vaccine skeptics

As you ponder all this, keep in mind that the very same leftist media attacking Indiana over the Religious Freedom Act is guilty of precisely the same thing they’re condemning.

Every one of those media outlets would refuse to run ads from vaccine skeptics groups who attempt to educate the public about the dangers of vaccines, the existence of the secret vaccine injury court in America, or the toxicity of the many dangerous ingredients still used in vaccines.

Those media outlets would deny service to a minority group because of that group’s beliefs, in other words. Yet they condemn a bakery in Indiana for denying service to a different minority group because of that group’s beliefs.

The leftist media, in other words, stands for no principle at all. It’s a content gang — run in an almost identical manner to your high school year book production squad — demanding protection for its favored minority groups while denying any rights or protections to other minority groups it doesn’t like. (Such as religious minority groups.)

In Australia, venomous opposition to vaccine skeptics is to militant that people who try to warn the public about vaccine dangers are denied all rights to free speech. You can’t even educate people in Australia about real vaccine science without being “death threated” by the vaccine mafia operating there.

Similarly, in the United States, the TED Talks group has banned all speeches that attempt to educate people about the dangers of genetically modified foods. Free speech isn’t allowed, it turns out, when that speech threatens the profits of extremely powerful globalist corporations that have bought all the scientists and infiltrated academia, the media and the legislature.

Standing for principle is a dangerous thing in a society dominated by mainstream media bigots

The most dangerous thing an American can do today is stand for principle. It will get you condemned, ridiculed, censored by Google, slandered on Wikipedia (the corporate-controlled defamation encyclopedia that magically protects Hillary Clinton), banned by YouTube, suspended on Facebook and shamed on social media.

While standing up for gay rights in society today will make you a hero in the eyes of the media, standing up for religious vaccine exemption rights gets you labeled a villain. Never mind that they are both based on the same underlying principle.

Standing up for ALL individual rights, beliefs and lifestyles, regardless of the place they occupy on the political spectrum, is the greatest “crime” of all in today’s bigoted society. After all, that’s a libertarian principle, and liberty must be crushed at all costs.

Learn to recognize bigotry against anti-vaxxers

That’s why I urge you to learn to recognize bigotry in the media so you know which channels to turn off. Any media outlet arguing for gay rights but opposing vaccine exemption rights is wildly bigoted and intellectually dishonest.

Any news channel saying abortion should be a “woman’s choice” but vaccines should be forced upon all women by the government has sold out its principles and stands for nothing except corporate agendas and government propaganda.

Any lawmaker, TV doctor or journalist who says it’s RIGHT for the government to force us all into its desired behavior on a medical issue — but it’s WRONG for the government to force us all into its desired behavior on a social issue — is also speaking with a forked tongue.

We either respect individual liberty across the board, or we abandon it altogether. As far as I’m concerned, every individual has their own individual right to choose whatever religion or sexual orientation they want. I may totally disagree with their choice, but it’s not my place to demand they adhere to my own personal version of what is correct or ethical. As long people don’t shove their agendas in my face, it’s really not my business to intervene in their private actions.

It’s simply not our place to demand everybody else in society follow our own personal wishes. The mere attempt to force majority beliefs on a minority group is, at its core, wholly racist, discriminatory and bigoted from the outset. All those who pick and choose which individual rights they want to attack vs. support are merely admitting how bigoted and narrow-minded they truly are, destroying their own credibility by admitting they really don’t believe in principle at all.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is a bigot who lives a contradiction. So is Jimmy Kimmel. So is every media journalist who is currently screaming about Indiana’s religious freedom law while simultaneously condemning “anti-vaxxers” for not wanting to be forced to inject their children with toxic substances.

If tolerance isn’t universally applied, it isn’t tolerance at all.

Stop being such a bigot yourself if you want to live in a world of tolerance

My only demand — to all of those critical of Indiana’s law — is that if you want me to respect your diverse beliefs, lifestyles and opinions, then stop attacking my beliefs, lifestyles and opinions. You want to live in a peaceful, tolerant society? Then stop being such bigots against the minority groups you don’t happen to like at the moment.

Stop attacking my right to say NO to vaccines. Stop attacking my right to grow food in my front yard. Stop attacking my right to have a place of worship in my private home. Stop attacking my kid’s right to say a prayer before eating lunch at school. Stop attacking my right to own and carry a firearm in self-defense. Stop attacking home schools, small family farms, raw milk and Southern culture, which the leftist media repeatedly and dishonestly refers to as being inherently racist or “Red Neck.” Stop being such an intolerant bigot yourself and you just might find a sense of tolerance reciprocated for your own beliefs.

After all, “tolerance” cannot be selectively applied, or it isn’t tolerance at all.

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