San Bernardino Hoax: One Shoot Out, Two Locations

San Bernardino Hoax: One Shoot Out, Two Locations

Jim Stone — The Rebel Dec 4, 2015

Obviously this shooting did not happen the way they say it did, and the massive pounce on the “Islamic terror” meme strongly implies to me that the establishment needs huge public support for something horrible they plan to do soon. And I really think Trump’s bantering about “dancing Muslims” was the precursor to this, I think he knew this was going to go down and seeded the public conscience ahead of this storm to cause the hatred to grow when watered . . . . and with headlines like “Muslim newlyweds slaughter co-workers who threw them a baby shower” (thanks anonymous for that tip) well, I think there is a little proof.

I really wish the ostrich tactic worked and I could just bury my head and make it all go away . . . . the way they morphed this story is spooky, if you did not read the full report there is a lot here, just take a look at what they did with this. I half think that both shooters, because they were both on the state payroll, cooperated with this false flag and have now been given new identities for a huge payoff. Newly married, they will now probably cruise off into the sunset, leaving their old world behind. Then again they could have been murdered. Who knows.

This story has morphed in all aspects and is all over the map as “they” adjust it to circumvent discoveries. But I found the photo that proves the current version of the story is a lie.

As I predicted last night, the shooters would end up being a husband and wife team, because the name they originally chose for the female shooter would cause political problems with Turkey. Additionally, This morning, all key elements about the male shooter being a health inspector who was present at a christmas party for autistic and disabled children up until 20 minutes before the shooting are gone because the think tanks could not come up with a way a man in a suit could get mad and then conduct a well coordinated attack in full combat gear with two other people 20 minutes later unless the number of shooters was reduced to 2, and the other shooter was his wife.

Original story line: Sayed Farook, a state health inspector got mad at the party, stormed off, and returned 20 minutes later with two other people and shot the place up.

Current story line: Sayed Farook left with his wife in the early morning and was not seen all day until he showed up at the shooting. Police found them 4 hours after the shooting and shot them to death in their black SUV, and BOTH SHOOTERS WERE WEARING COMBAT STYLE CLOTHING WHILE SHOT BY POLICE. Problem: I found a key photo apparently screen captured out of a video, and fixed the tone curve to reveal what was there. And what came out of the murk proves this is a lie:

The dead woman is in high heels, shorts and short blouse. No blood anywhere after being filled with bullets.

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