Sanders, Warren team up to rally progressives around Clinton

Sanders, Warren team up to rally progressives around Clinton

Mon Oct 17, 2016 7:0AM

US Senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts have teamed to jointly pitch the candidacy of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to progressives, and denounce Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Speaking in the US city of Denver in Colorado, Sanders said, “We’re going to beat Trump and we’re going to beat him badly and we’re going to elect Hillary Clinton.”

Sanders, who endorsed Clinton this summer after a long and bruising primary, vowed that the Democrats will “bring millions of people together to create a political revolution and to create a government… that works for all of us, not just the 1 percent.”

He warned that the United States could turn into an oligarchy, where a handful of the wealthy control the government, if Americans do not elect Clinton as president in November, claiming “a handful of billionaires are attempting to buy the United States government.”

During the primaries, Sanders ran a close race with Clinton and promised to continue the fight all the way until the Democratic National Convention in June, where the party’s nominee was going to be named.

Towards the end of the race, however, Sanders changed his tone and bowed out in favor of Clinton. He suspended his campaign in July and endorsed the former secretary of state, despite leaked emails that showed top officials at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) privately planned to undermine Sanders’s presidential campaign, and helped Clinton stealing the nomination.

Warren calls Trump ‘selfish little sleaze ball’

Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Warren, who has recently intensified her attacks against Trump, also delivered a strong rebuke to Trump.

Warren described the billionaire businessman as a “selfish little sleaze ball,” a “pathetic cheapskate,” and a “small, insecure money grubber.”

She denounced Trump and his economic vision for the United States and demanded Trump publicly release his tax returns, implying that the New York real estate mogul is lying about his true business value.

“Donald Trump is a two-bit con man who just may be the worst businessman in the United States,” said Warren, a former Harvard Law School professor.

The US media has launched an offensive against Trump, publishing a number of reports in recent days in which several women claimed that the billionaire had groped and forcibly kissed them.

Commenting on Trump’s vulgar comments about women, Warren said, “Donald Trump’s words. They don’t make me sick anymore, they make me furious.”

Trump’s campaign has also been marred by his disparaging remarks against minorities in the US. His comments include a call to ban all Muslims from coming to America as well as forced deportation of Mexican migrants.

He has also pledge to build a wall on the border with Mexico to curb illegal immigration.

Senator Warren said on Sunday night, “We will never build a stupid wall between here and Mexico.”

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