Saturn the Beast Eye in Commercial

I noticed this Satanic symbolism in the new Kia advert below, I’ve linked a MP4 file of the exact symbolic part of the commercial. You will see that the planet Saturn [Satan in astrotheology] morphs into the all-seeing eye. How many times in the past have I told you that one of the symbolic meanings behind the all-seeing eye was the planet Saturn? I told you it represents a birds eye view of Saturn and its rings. We live in a world that still worships Saturn no different to old Saturnalian Brotherhood.

-= The Unhived Mind


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  • cando

    They use the eye in movies/TV ect as control of your thought and for completion of cycle that where in now. We are at end of the cycle.

  • sasquatch

    There is a bloke on shit tube that is not well known but believes that he has accurately broken down the occult numerology. It is especially interesting when he calculates the numbers of every detail and the end result almost adds up the same way. That is to say the conclusion is usually 9.69 kms per second which is the speed of Saturn. The other repeating number is 404 which is the exact number of verses in revelation. Matthew Nicholson in case anyone cares.

  • cando

    69 is a mason number I think they also use 77 or the jesus cross +. Youtube logo is red and everybody avatar is a sqaure so you got no rights on the tube.

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