Promise to further empower jihadists if al-Assad does not step down


Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has rejected a Russian overture to end the conflict in Syria and said Bashar al-Assad must step down immediately or face what he called the “military option.”

He did not provide details on a military option, but noted the Saudis are supporting “moderate rebels” in Syria.

It is now well established there are virtually no moderate rebels in Syria and the opposition fighting against the government is comprised entirely of Sunni jihadists, most notably al-Nusra and the Islamic State.

Despite this, al-Jubeir insisted there “is a Free Syrian Army that is fighting against Bashar al-Assad” and it receives “support from a number of countries.”

“And we expect that this support will continue and intensify.”

Despite objections by the United States, in March Saudi Arabia and Turkey established Jaish al-Fatah, or the Army of Conquest, a command structure for jihadist groups in Syria that includes Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar ash-Sham, Jund al-Aqsa and the Muslim Brotherhood of Syria linked Sham Legion.

Ahrar ash-Sham, a coalition of several Islamist and Salafist units, has called for an Islamic state in Syria “whose only sovereign, reference, ruler, direction, and individual, societal and nationwide unifier is Allah Almighty’s Sharia (law)”

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  • theunhivedmind

    Saudi Arabia is mastered by the ancienty city of Londinium aka the City of London and this has been so since 1763 and continues to this very day. Saudi Arabia does the terrorist bidding for the New Venice Empire run from Britain. So currently you have ISIL being funded by Saudi Arabia and others via the HSBC Middle East Bank based in Qatar. Saudi Arabia works with Israel in almost everything it does in the region including nuking parts of Yemen recently with tactical nuclear weapons. What needs to be done first against Saudi Arabia is for the 28-pages to be released in the U.S. highlighting the role Saudi Arabia played in the 9/11 attacks. Once the 28-pages is fully exposed to the general public then a Promethean ‘Military Option’ should be executed and Saudi Arabia should be bombed and its leadership slaughtered in the same manner the great Qaddafi the Promethean was slaughtered at the hands of both French intelligence and their militants in Libya. Yes 9/11 was larger than just Saudi Arabia’s involvement but the 28 pages will be first aid to destroying New Venice once and for all. It’s time Saudi Arabia was done away with or ignored. We can get oil from other regions and as we enter the electric revolution the need for oil will be far less just as both Rockefeller and Rothschild have realized recently thus why they’re dropping interest in other forms of energy. The only area of the Middle East which should be bombed right now is Saudi Arabia as it’s a threat to world peace and always has been alongside Israel. Iran is the only fair and stable nation left in the Middle East and I’m glad it is showing Prometheanism now it’s teamed up with Russia and China aka the BRICS Gold Bank.

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