This Massive Discovery Has Put The Saudi’s Into a Panic

By Money Morning Staff Reports

It’s the biggest find in 50 years and the media is completely ignoring it…

It is 6 times larger than the Bakken, 17 times the size of the Marcellus formation, and 80 times larger than the Eagle Ford shale.

All told what was recently discovered outside a sleepy Australian town contains more black gold more than in all of Iran, Iraq, Canada, or Venezuela.

With current estimates at 233 billion barrels its just 30 billion shy of the estimated reserves in all of Saudi Arabia.

According to one renowned international expert, this massive discovery could eventually dwarf the oil rich kingdom as the original estimates are revised.

An advisor to six of the top 10 oil producers and active consultant to 20 world governments, Dr. Kent Moors now believes the find, “may land at 300 or 400 billion barrels,” making it one of “the greatest unconventional oil discoveries any of us will see in our lifetimes.”

“It’s represents a bona fide redrawing of the global energy map as we know it,” Moors says, “and the mainstream media is completely ignoring it.”

Where the Hell is Coober Pedy?
But to people who call this place home, the oncoming oil boom means nothing will ever be the same ($20 trillion worth of oil can do that to a town).

It’s centered around a place called Coober Pedy, an inhospitable speck on the map in Southern Australia.

Founded in 1915, Coober Pedy had long been the home to a scarce 1700 people who lived in residences literally carved out in its caves.

Now another 20,000 people have suddenly flocked there, making it one of the hottest real estate markets in all of Australia.

Considering the conditions the sudden stampede is remarkable – there’s little to no water and temperatures routinely reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

While it’s obviously still just the beginning, Coober Pedy real estate agent Di Enders says her phone has been ringing off the hook since the news broke.

“I’ve had so many calls, you wouldn’t believe it,” she says. “My brain is about to explode.”

“People renting don’t want to surrender their houses, they know they won’t get another one,” she says.

The big draw is the riches about to be pulled out of a vast geological structure called the Arckaringa basin.

Encompassing an area in excess of 30,000 square miles, what’s buried within the basin is enough black gold to completely change the global oil landscape-not to mention the lives early investors.

Analysts now believe ground zero will be much like is was in Saudi Arabia in the 1950’s.

And according to the inner circle briefing below by Dr. Moors, there’s one little company that controls the whole thing.

And since Arckaringa footprint will be beyond extensive, hundreds of wells, massive infrastructure networks, gathering systems, pipelines, processing facilities and support services will vital.

The Death Knell for OPEC
The massive find has been likened to the Bakken and Eagle Ford shale oil projects in the US, which have created legitimate boom times in Texas and North Dakota.

The outflows from these areas have been so big they have given way to predictions that the US could overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer as soon as this year.

Even at the lowest estimate, the Coober Pedy fins is set to make Australia a net oil exporter; at the higher estimate, Australia would become one of the world’s biggest oil exporters.

“What we’re seeing up there is a very, very big deposit,” says South Australia’s mining minister, Tom Koutsantonis, “If the reserves and the pressure was right over millions of years and the rocks have done the things they think they’ve done, they think they can extract vast reserves of oil out of South Australia which would have a value of about $20 trillion.”

Dependence on OPEC’s crude is already slipping as the U.S. and Canada unlock unconventional oil supplies from deep underground shale deposits with new drilling techniques.

Now there’s even more completion bubbling up from “Down Under.”

Given all of the trouble in the Middle East, the Saudi’s have good reason to be alarmed.

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  • theunhivedmind

    Showdown at Coober Pedy

    (Population: 1,695)

    Revealed: The unknown, Australian town set to deliver
    a $20 trillion deathblow to Iran and Saudi Arabia…

    And its one secret may usher in a new generation
    of “Main Street Millionaires” across America

    Hello, my name is Mike Ward, and I’m here with Money Morning.

    I have, in my possession, an intelligence briefing that contains details regarding an event with sweeping ramifications for American foreign policy, international energy, security and the financial markets.

    A single event that could force entire nations, entire parts of the world to enter into new geopolitical and economic alliances.

    Here’s what we know so far. There’s a secluded town in Southern Australia, Coober Pedy.

    Its population is only 1,695 people.

    And those who do not live inside the town reside in underground caves because the area is nearly uninhabitable.

    Temperatures can reach as high as 118 degrees here, and just getting water to the town requires it to be piped in from 24 kilometers away.

    But Coober Pedy is about to become an immense international power of such influence that this small town will soon rival any Middle Eastern country.

    This small town may soon single-handedly dictate much of the world’s future.

    And this small town will soon become ground zero for a fast-approaching and highly-volatile international showdown over energy, because Cooper Pedy is located next to the Arckaringa Basin.

    And it’s here that an unknown energy company came across what could be a $20 trillion shale oil find.

    Scientists now estimate 233 billion barrels of unconventional oil are waiting to be extracted from this location.

    To put that in perspective, the oil near Coober Pedy, under the Arckaringa Basin, could be larger than all of what’s in Iraq, all of the oil in Iran, all of the oil in Canada, as well as Venezuela.

    And this one location in Southern Australia could contain nearly as much oil as what’s in all of Saudi Arabia, or at least what Saudi Arabia is claiming to have.

    Now, for years, it’s been believed by many in Washington, D.C. that Saudi Arabia has been lying about its oil reserves.

    In fact, WikiLeaks almost sparked an international incident when it released secret cables suggesting Saudi Arabia was overestimating its reserves by 40 percent.

    So, this Australian find could pose a major threat to many areas of the world. But what does it mean for America?

    After all, the Arckaringa Basin discovery could be nearly six times larger than the current estimates for the Bakken Find in North Dakota.

    And 17 times larger than the Marcellus Shale Find in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

    And an astounding 80 times larger than the Eagle Ford Basin in Texas.

    Domestic shale oil and natural gas are leading an American energy renaissance.

    Jobs are being created, local cities and towns are thriving.

    But given what’s come to light in Southern Australia, what does our future now hold?

    How will this impact our financial markets and America’s relationships with China, India and Iran?

    The situation has caught the attention of some very powerful people in Washington, D.C., including the man I’m going to interview today.

    His name is Dr. Kent Moors and he is an energy adviser to major oil companies, financial institutions, international law firms and 20 world governments. The list reads like a who’s who of energy.

    The United States, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Iraq and Australia are just a few of the nations that turn to him.

    Every major government player in this Arckaringa Basin discovery turns to Dr. Kent Moors.

    Dr. Kent Moors is also on two U.S. State Department task forces for shale energy… that’s exactly what they found in the Arckaringa Basin.

    Dr. Moors regularly appears on major news and financial programs. And I’m very pleased to say that he is my energy adviser here at Money Morning.

    Dr. Moors had his courier deliver me this intelligence briefing he prepared regarding the Arckaringa Basin discovery.

    He believes what he’s disclosed in this briefing may usher in a new generation of millionaires in Australia, in America and around the world, but they won’t be bankers or Wall Street insiders.

    They’ll be average folks on Main Street, people who get the real story immediately.

    Now, as you may already know, my company, Money Morning, is comprised of investigative journalists, financial experts, political insiders and Wall Street veterans.

    We place ourselves on the front lines.

    It was Money Morning that exposed the credit default swap crisis that would set the stage for the recession.

    It was Money Morning in 2008 that warned of a coming stock market crash and dangerous oil shock that would wreak havoc across the world.

    We were the first team out front sounding the alarm about the Greek and European economic crisis.

    We exposed the downright criminal practices of the banks.

    And our recent investigations have uncovered proof of looming water and resource wars.

    But we don’t just cover the stories.

    We go far beyond that. We show average Americans how they can protect themselves in times of chaos and how they can capitalize on opportunities when they arise.

    In fact, the same day news of this Arckaringa Basin discovery broke, well before word had reached the vast majority of the world, Dr. Kent Moors recommended the very company that controlled this historic find to those that follow his guidance here at Money Morning.

    So, today, Dr. Kent Moors is going to brief you on this Arckaringa Basin situation. You’ll see what’s happening on the ground there through his eyes.

    He’ll disclose the two major players, the two companies his sources indicate have the inside track on extracting that $20 trillion or more of unconventional energy as this unprecedented discovery enters its most lucrative phase.

    Now, as I previously mentioned, Dr. Kent Moors is an official energy adviser to not only the Australian and U.S. governments, but he also advises many of the oil companies who are taking a keen interest in what’s happening at the Arckaringa Basin.

    So, when he says he is confident average Americans could earn as much as 400% in the next year alone, when he says that’s only the beginning, that the long-term profit potential is unlimited because history has only presented a handful of opportunities like this – opportunities for folks on Main Street to dramatically transform their financial futures – it immediately becomes crystal clear how imperative it is that you get the full story, which is exactly what you’re about to receive.

    Dr. Kent Moors, we’ve got a very serious, very exciting situation that is brewing in Southern Australia.

    I’ve read this intelligence briefing you’ve sent me, so let’s get right into it. Let’s start with the big question.

    What do Americans need to know about this historic find at the Arckaringa Basin?


    Mike, to start, they need to know three things. Three points.

    Point number one, right now, underneath and around the small town of Coober Pedy in this Arckaringa Basin, we’ve got what could be the greatest unconventional oil discovery any of us will see in our lifetimes.

    This one is unprecedented. A potential 233 billion barrels right now.

    And it has the potential to be much larger as all of this develops.

    Point number two, this discovery is so powerful, it’s so immense. Already its impact is being felt by almost every government and every major energy company on this planet.

    Things are being set in motion regarding geopolitical relationships, energy strategies, national security priorities, all because of what’s developing at Coober Pedy.

    Mike, this was once an almost abandoned town in a nearly uninhabitable area of Southern Australia. Now, it’s a real player in this energy game, a bigger player than entire countries, important energy-related countries.

    And point number three, we’ve known that there was the potential for significant unconventional oil deposits in both Southern and Western Australia for some time now.

    We’ve seen the studies. We knew it was there just waiting to be had.


    Kent, let me interrupt you there. When you say “we,” who are you talking about?


    I’m talking about the U.S. government, the Australian government, the Russian government, Chinese government, even Kazakhstan.

    I’m talking about big oil companies, international banks.

    I’m talking about OPEC, the IEA, EIA, our national intelligence community.

    These are the major players in this story, and I’m an adviser to all of them. So, we, meaning everybody I just mentioned.

    And I can say with the utmost certainty, that this Coober Pedy situation and the Arckaringa Basin find, this has not been a particular mystery or a secret. We’ve been talking about it, Mike.

    This story didn’t begin when the Australian government went public with it. We knew that announcement was coming. It was just a matter of when.


    Kent, the same day news broke of this Arckaringa Basin discovery, you alerted Money Morning readers who follow you to the company behind it.

    And given your particular background, one can come to the conclusion that the timing here wasn’t a coincidence.

    But let’s take a step back. When did you first hear about the energy potential that was just waiting to be found there?


    2008, Mike. At the time, I was consulting on three rather large natural gas deposits in Northwestern Australia.

    One of those was Chevron’s Gorgon Project.

    Now, this should put the Arckaringa Basin discovery in perspective.

    That Gorgon Project is one of the largest natural gas discoveries on the planet. It was and it still is. And for Australia, Gorgon was the largest single resource discovery meaning oil, natural gas, coal, any resource.

    It was the largest discovery in Australian history, at the time.

    So, here I am at this massive, this historic Gorgon project and suddenly everybody around me, including myself, starts hearing rumors and persistent stories.

    We get our hands on anecdotal data that something real significant may have finally been discovered under this tiny town of Coober Pedy.

    It stopped a lot of us.

    Let me stress again – it stopped a lot of us working on one of the world’s most important energy projects right in our tracks, Mike.

    And from there, everybody started to pay really close attention.

    Now, Mike, we also knew which company was likely to be the central focus on whatever was going to be extracted from the Arckaringa Basin.

    This was Linc Energy.

    And that was a no-brainer because, frankly, Linc controlled 16 million acres.

    Sixteen million acres represents 80% of the total land area of the Arckaringa Basin.

    So, to your point about me recommending Linc Energy to Money Morning readers, this goes back to your last question. Those governments and agencies and companies, that we just spoke of, knew that news was going to break.

    This wasn’t an if; this was a when.


    Kent, I think that gives us some perspective. It took five years to get to where we are today. This isn’t some overnight phenomenon. So, how likely is it that we’ve got the real thing here?


    This is going to be huge, and I believe it’s definitely the real deal.

    This tiny company pays $104 million to acquire 16 million acres… 80% of the Arckaringa Basin. So, they get that land cheap.

    Then they push another $30 million into drilling about 15 holes in the ground.

    You need to look at it like a test drive of a car.

    You test drive a car to see if it’s worth the money, to see if it has enough power, whether it’s a safe investment. When you’re drilling exploratory wells, it’s the same thing.

    What Linc did was take a really expensive $30 million test drive in the Arckaringa Basin.

    They targeted three main areas: the Stuart Range, the Boorthanna Area and the Pre-Permians.

    This is where they thought the sweet spots were.

    Mike, what we saw with Linc’s initial test flows was incredible.

    This unconventional oil was coming out so high, at such a high volume, it was almost knocking the well head off.

    They found what they believed to be 3.5 million acres worth of sweet spots out of those 16 million acres in the Arckaringa Basin.

    If you’re in my line of work and you get that kind of estimate, it just stuns you.

    That led the geologists and analysts to conclude that there may be 233 billion barrels.

    Billion, Mike, with a capital B. 233 billion barrels of unconventional oil just sitting there in this basin.

    If that number doesn’t drive the importance of this discovery home, consider this.

    Australia – and I’m talking about the entire country here – has about 3.9 billion barrels of oil in its reserves.

    This tiny town, Coober Pedy, in the Arckaringa Basin… it may have 60 times that.

    Let’s widen our scope. The reserves of every single country in the entire world are in the range of about 1.9 trillion barrels.

    So, this tiny town of 1,695 people could have the equivalent of 12% of the entire world’s reserves underneath it.

    And nobody has been able to pinpoint this haul for 50 years, which is why this nearly unknown company was able to get that land so cheaply.

    For the price Linc got that land at, this is like taking a Lamborghini or a Ferrari out for a test drive and then finding out it’s yours for the price of a bicycle.


    233 billion barrels is an incredible find.

    That’s more than we’ve got anywhere in America.

    It’s more than all of Iraq, Iran, Canada, Venezuela.

    It could be more than what is truly in Saudi Arabia.

    Now, Kent, you’re on two U.S. State Department Task Forces for shale energy.

    You’re an energy adviser to the Australian government, among many others.

    You work with the big oil companies in Australia.

    You know every angle of this situation.

    What you’ve disclosed in this intelligence briefing is that those current estimates for the Arckaringa Basin could be dramatically underestimated. How is that possible?


    In the oil business technology, drilling technology, oil extraction and testing technology, this evolves at a rapid pace.

    So, the early estimates, even the most aggressive ones, oftentimes undershoot the actual figure.

    In 2008, the U.S. Geological Survey, the USGS, looks at the Bakken shale up in North Dakota. Everybody’s excited.

    And that was after they originally concluded there was about four billion barrels of oil that could be extracted. 2008 wasn’t that long ago.

    But, today, we’re looking at estimates, on the low end, of 27 billion and the high end of 45 billion barrels.

    The Marcellus Find… that’s a similar story. The USGS’s original estimate was about 17.4 billion barrels of oil equivalent for that enormous discovery. And now, my estimates for that basin are going considerably higher.

    My latest estimate, two to three months ago, was in excess of 49 billion barrels. 49.1 billion to be precise.

    This is how the Arckaringa Basin discovery in Southern Australia has been playing out. Only it’s playing out at a much faster, even more aggressive rate.

    Many inside Linc, the actual company itself, thought they had maybe three-and-a-half billion barrels sitting there. Then the powerful nature of those test flows opened many eyes.

    Suddenly, those estimates reached 233 billion barrels.

    I’ve looked at those numbers and tests, Mike. I’ve talked to the people you want to talk to in this kind of situation.

    The Arckaringa Basin may land at 300 or 400 billion barrels.

    Whatever that end number is, this could be one of the largest discoveries we’ve seen in the last 40 to 50 years worldwide.

    It’s a bona fide redrawing of the global energy map as we know it.


    Kent, everything you’ve been talking about, this is all very sensitive from a geopolitical standpoint.

    Recently, an adviser to the Energy Security Council revealed that due to the Arab Spring, OPEC is attempting to drive up oil prices and increase energy insecurity.

    It’s been speculated they are doing this to bribe the public so another Egypt or Tunisia doesn’t occur.

    Now, you do a great deal of highly classified work for our government in this area. You meet directly with OPEC, you meet with the IEA and EIA. So, I know there are limitations to what you can and can’t discuss.

    But from an American geopolitical standpoint, does this Arckaringa discovery weaken what OPEC may be attempting?


    The United States, China, Iran, the Middle East, Russia, we’re playing this major geopolitical game of chess over energy.

    The Arckaringa Basin, this town of Coober Pedy, this has become one of the most important pieces on this board.

    And the United States is using this piece to control many of the other pieces on this board.

    This is going on behind the scenes.

    China is almost starting with a fresh chalkboard.

    They’ve found some natural gas in Myanmar. They’ve been talking about building large pipelines from Russia and Kazakhstan.

    And then this Arckaringa Basin discovery hits.

    Now, all those plans that had been under development for over a decade, they’re all being rewritten.

    And it’s not just China. It’s all of South and Southeast Asia.

    The ripple effect here is making its way through Russia, through Kazakhstan.

    This is the definition of a game changer.

    The Arckaringa Basin is changing the energy game around the world and it’s just beginning, Mike.

    We’re at the very, very preliminary stages here. And that’s what’s so exciting about this.


    Okay, Kent, let’s talk about where all of this is headed.


    We’ve reached a very critical point where certain sources inside the beltway, inside those governments, have to make sure very specific pieces of intelligence get into the hands of designated private sector actors.

    What we technically call this is designed dissemination.

    Designed dissemination is intentional. It’s for a specific purpose.

    This is standard operating procedure, so to speak.

    The Australian government, the United States government, neither is directly in the business of drilling for oil.

    Publicly, they may earmark projects, they may regulate projects, but they do not get out there and drill.

    Now, behind the scenes, they absolutely push their weight around.

    And they will play a large role in determining who is going to be partnering up in major energy deals.


    This company, Linc Energy, because they are a small player, they simply can’t get to this $20 trillion haul without some help. They’ve publicly admitted this.

    You know the oil is there, they know the oil is there, so does the U.S. government, the Australian government. Just about everybody on the inside knew.

    So, Linc Energy is now in the hunt for a partner.

    They’re looking for between $150 to $300 million to get this oil out of the ground and they’ve hired Barclays Bank to help them with the search.

    So, let me cut to the chase here. Where is this money going to come from?


    Mike, this is where it gets really exciting in my line of work.

    So, Linc does all of this heavy lifting. They invest $134 million into that land, into all those tests.

    Now, it’s time for the second, what I believe to be the most lucrative phase of this story.

    This is when the real deal-making happens.

    Linc is about to play let’s make a deal.

    Now, I’m in the network of those people and actors internationally who get the first indication of who is floating a bond, who is developing an investment project, who is actually securing capital, who may want to play “let’s make a deal” in this kind of situation.

    Normally, with a big discovery – and this speaks to the incredible nature of what Linc has control of – normally, there would be 20 to 30 international banks or companies prepared to invest that kind of money, that $150 to $300 million almost immediately.

    Right now, we’ve got 70 companies in play. But we have to be very careful here, Mike. That $150 to $300 million is only the initial installment.

    This entire project is going to cost billions and billions of dollars.

    But we have to put this in perspective.

    Whether this ends up being a project that costs $1 billion, $5 billion or $20 billion… there’s $20 trillion or more in the ground waiting to come up.

    So, whatever is being put in is pocket change.

    This is especially true, Mike, because Linc is giving up a big, very big, piece of the action here.

    It could be as much as one-half ownership stake in this claim.

    Again, as I’ve said, I can tell you that 70 companies are in play right now.

    I can tell you that only one of those companies is going to be happy with how this advances.

    And that company is going to make the people who invest in it a lot of money.


    Kent, you’ve already issued a recommendation for Linc.

    Like I mentioned before, you did it the same day the news broke of this find, which sounds like designed dissemination at its finest.

    But speaking today, right now, is this company, Linc, where the biggest opportunity is?

    The Lucrative Opportunities are in the
    “OSP Connection,” the “Operator
    and “Service Provider”


    Linc is a great long-term play, but it has already seen its stock rise as much as 460% recently.

    So, at this stage of the game, my analysis is showing they may not see another spike, at least as big as that one, until June of 2015.

    That’s just from what I’m hearing concerning how this story is going to develop moving forward.

    So, right now, the lucrative opportunities are in what I call the OSP connection, the operator and service provider.

    The operator, that’s the company that is going to be investing initially the $150 to $300 million Linc needs for the next exploratory drilling.

    And then they’ll invest the billions after for the full basin development.

    And for that, they will acquire that stake in the Arckaringa Basin that could be as much as 50 percent.

    So, they’ll be setting themselves up for potentially a $10 trillion or more payday, and they will do this while letting Linc take on all the risk and all the hard work of qualifying that discovery.

    The service provider sets up the infrastructure and the pipelines, they have the processing facilities, they do the drilling and the well completions.

    They even do the geological structuring and seismic.

    This is where the money initially gets flowing before the oil comes out of the ground.

    So, we’ve got 70 companies vying for the operator’s spot now. Only one is going to win that race.

    The potential pool is much smaller for that service provider, simply put.

    There aren’t that many OSP combinations out there able to provide the vast amount of funding and services necessary for this huge Australian find.


    Who do you have pegged for the role of the operator for the Arckaringa Basin?

    Who’s going to be kicking in that money?


    Mike, the operating company I’m going to be recommending here is one of the few companies in the world that can actually pull this Arckaringa Basin project off.

    This is not a company that’s a household name for most Americans. You can’t simply drive into their service station anywhere in the United States.

    But if you’re inside the oil business the way I am, this is the biggest player there is.

    It has plenty of experience in conventional and unconventional oil development throughout the world.

    It’s been very active in North American basins and it’s tied into every aspect of this exploding Asian market demand.

    It also happens to be a company that I’ve personally worked with on projects in the past.

    And I can tell you, this company is likely to be bidding for this project at levels well beyond what other majors in the world are likely to be able to afford.

    The amount of money they have available to them is virtually limitless.

    And the final point in all of this is that this company will serve a strategic interest that has been put forward by the U.S. government.

    It’s really the only company with international stature that can actually wean Asia off of Iranian oil.

    So, it’s a win-win situation as far as Washington is concerned and it’s certainly a win-win situation for the average investor.


    Kent, you named this company in the comprehensive intelligence dossier you sent me.

    It’s called Designed Dissemination: The $20 Trillion Arckaringa Basin Game Changer.

    We’re going to send it to people after we conclude our investigation today.

    But just so folks can understand what kind of opportunity they’re looking at here, what are the potential returns with this operator company?

    The Likely Arckaringa Basin “Operator” Could
    Create 135% – 400% Profits in the Next Year


    Mike, this is a straight stock play.

    It doesn’t get any easier than that.

    And I believe its return is going to be significant.

    Over the next year, it could hit 135% on the low end and 400% on the higher side of my estimates. But this is a long-term play.

    When you’re talking about a once-in-a-generation opportunity like this, it’s smart not to think about getting in and out with this stock.

    So, I’m certainly not looking at this as a one-year play.

    I believe folks are going to want to hold on to it. Because I can’t even begin to put a ceiling on what the potential windfall could be.


    So, let’s talk about the other important piece to this situation, the service provider. The company who is going to be on that receiving side of much of this funding is going to be cashing in big.

    Who has the inroads here?


    Mike, I’m hearing there’s one company that’s got the inside track to be the service provider on this huge basin project.

    It’s a major international player, it’s got all the technology, it’s already operating in Australia, and it already has agreements with the South Australian government, that regional government that’s going to determine who’s going to be playing in this project.

    It’s also a company that I’ve worked with in the past on international projects, and I can tell you they’re primed and ready to go.

    Now, Mike, I’ve got two ways to play this service provider.

    The first one is, again, the straight stock play.

    If everything I’m hearing is right and this company announces they’ve secured those major Arckaringa Basin service contracts, this stock could easily surge as high as 400% in the next 12 to 18 months.

    And then we’ve got that second target.

    This is for folks who want a little more action besides simply buying the stock itself.

    I’ve identified what’s called an options chain. In other words, a series of option plays on this stock.

    This is a way for someone to potentially cash out, on average, 60% or more every two months over and over again.

    Mike, these two companies, this operator and service provider, the OSP connection, these are the kinds of opportunities that, throughout history, have created millionaires across the world.

    And I believe they’ll create them right here, right on Main Street America if folks capitalize on what’s happening before them.


    The briefing you’ve prepared, Designed Dissemination: The $20 Trillion Arckaringa Basin Game Changer… Kent, talk about this report.


    I called this report Designed Dissemination for a reason, because it is exactly like something I would write in my government work or my work in the private sector.

    Designed dissemination never makes its way into the hands of the average American.

    And because of that, folks miss out on some of the biggest investment opportunities in energy.

    This time, they won’t.

    This report gives you a complete assessment of this amazing discovery near this little town of Coober Pedy in the Arckaringa Basin.

    It’s written so you’ll understand exactly what’s been discovered there, why the scientists and geologists are so sure this is the real thing.

    You’ll get an in-depth look at the numbers behind those 233 billion barrel estimates.

    You will understand why that final number could really be twice as high.

    I explain what this single discovery in this tiny town means for the entire world, all the twists and turns from a geopolitical standpoint, because – and I can’t make this any clearer – this is a much bigger story than just a rare oil discovery.

    It’s got sweeping ramifications for China, Iran, Russia, Australia, as well as the United States.

    Our military and national intelligence communities are keeping a close eye on this.

    I know this for obvious reasons, Mike.

    Now, in my line of work, the point of designed dissemination is to help move these kinds of discoveries along, behind the scenes, to get the private sector moving faster.

    Well, that’s happening right now.

    I believe, from what I’m hearing, I’ve got the one company who will be that winner.

    So, this report also reveals that company, the operator.

    I also examine the service provider company. That company will be putting all the infrastructure and pipelines in.

    With each of these, I disclose all of their connections in this story, their connections to the Australian government, my personal dealings with these companies.

    I examine their investment fundamentals.

    And then I show folks how to play both of them.

    If you simply wanted to capitalize on the stock, I give you all the intelligence you need to know.

    This way, you can understand why I’ve got both of them as potential 400% risers in the next year alone.

    So, each stock could return $4 for every $1 in play.

    But as I’ve already mentioned, these are long-term opportunities.

    I believe those potential gains will be many, many multiples bigger as the discovery develops over the years.

    But for folks who are looking for an opportunity to make a lot of money quickly, I’ve also targeted an options chain for that service provider.

    This options chain could – and this is without investing much capital at all – pay out a 60% windfall on average every two months.

    To repeat that, every two months, 60 percent.

    So, the report gives folks two stock plays and one incredible options play, and it gives them everything they need.

    It’s comprehensive, yet it’s simple to understand.


    Kent, the energy opportunities you uncover over and over again always seem to be the whispers on Wall Street.

    After this interview, we’re releasing your intelligence briefing, Designed Dissemination: The $20 Trillion Arckaringa Basin Game Changer.

    It’s going to be sent to members of your flagship publication here at Money Morning, Energy Advantage. This is a very unique publication.

    So, how would you describe the Energy Advantage?


    Mike, discoveries like what we’ve seen in the Arckaringa Basin, they just don’t come around very often

    So, with my Energy Advantage publication, I set out to create an opportunity to be able to get this intelligence, this intelligence I regularly have access to through my work advising world governments, through my meetings with energy companies, OPEC, IEA, the energy technology companies.

    I want to get what I’m finding out into the hands of everyday folks so they can finally capitalize on it.

    But I also realize this is my career, this is what I do for a living.

    Folks don’t have a great deal of time to dedicate to the energy markets. They want things streamlined.

    So, I keep things simple. I put all of my work into a monthly publication.

    It’s got the investment opportunities, the ones I’m hearing through my work and seeing directly through my research and travels are the ones folks need to pay attention to.

    I send each Energy Advantage edition out to subscribers.

    I send them weekly updates on big stories and our investment targets and I record audio and video briefings to keep them up to speed.

    It’s simple and effective.

    What Energy Advantage does is level the playing field.


    Kent, leveling the playing field is one way of putting it. I’ll put it another way. You’re making a difference in people’s lives with your work. The Money Morning mail room is filled with letters, inspiring letters. They come in every day from average folks from all across this country who follow you.

    Now, some are short – folks letting us know how they made 110% gains in only two days.

    That’s pretty exciting.

    Or 80% in seven days.

    Another subscriber was very happy with his over $17,000 return you led him to. He even asked if you could walk on water or, more appropriately, oil.

    Another subscriber anointed you the king of the energy world.

    And one husband could not say enough good things about how your work helped he and his wife strengthen their financial security.

    I have a seemingly endless supply of these kinds of letters.

    This tells me the people who follow you feel like they are a part of something very big.


    Mike, folks are a part of something big.

    Ever since we’ve had subscribers, I have regularly been bringing them where I go.

    I introduce them to the people I talk to.

    I’m giving them insight you can’t possibly have unless you are there by my side, which is exactly where they are with the Energy Advantage.

    And now, what we’re going to be able to do is to take this historic find in Australia and put it up as the next major profit opportunity for those who join me, those who join the Energy Advantage movement.


    Dr. Kent Moors, thank you for taking the time today to share what you’ve uncovered with the American public.


    Thanks, Mike.


    Today, you’ve been briefed on a bona fide once-in-a-lifetime energy story.

    This is happening right in front of you.

    People will be reaping immense fortunes from this. That’s a certainty.

    Now, you have a very important decision to make. Will you be one of them?

    So, let me get right to the point.

    Dr. Kent Moors has prepared the time-sensitive intelligence briefing, Designed Dissemination: The $20 Trillion Arckaringa Basin Game Changer.

    I want to deliver this to your email inbox immediately.

    This briefing is structured in a very similar fashion to what Dr. Moors would present to someone at the highest levels of the government or to the CEO of a major energy company, except there is one important difference.

    This report also divulges the two companies, the operator and service provider, that OSP combination Kent’s sources suggest are holding all the cards.

    These companies are already dialed in to the Australian government, the same Australian government Dr. Moors advises on energy.

    Each opportunity could bring about a 400% payout in the short term.

    But the long-term potential is limitless.

    You’ll also be walked step by step through how to set up a powerful and rare options chain Dr. Kent Moors has created specifically for that service provider stock.

    Almost like clockwork, you could potentially receive a 60% average windfall every two months over and over again.

    Now, I want you to imagine for a moment you made a one-time $1,000 investment into an opportunity that paid out, on average, 60% every two months.

    After six months, that $1,000 would have become over $4,000.

    After a year, nearly $17,000, and after two years, that original take would have transformed into over $281,000.

    Now, if you’ve never traded options, don’t worry, because you’ll also be sent a supplemental report, the Power of Options.

    This will give you an expedited options trading checklist that will take you from start to finish.

    These are opportunities most only hear about, but never get to take advantage of.

    These are the kinds of opportunities that create wealth that lasts generations.

    Included with Your 100% Risk-Free
    Energy Advantage Subscription

    This report, Designed Dissemination: The $20 Trillion Arckaringa Basin Game Changer, it’s yours.

    All you have to do is accept a risk-free membership to Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Advantage.

    Dr. Moors uses the Energy Advantage to place you beside him at his closed door and highly- sensitive meetings with the 20 world governments he advises.

    He uses this publication to take you with him when he’s meeting with the big energy companies, the IEA, EIA and even OPEC.

    You get a front row seat.

    This is where the real deals and the real profits are made.

    As an Energy Advantage member, you can expect to receive a monthly edition of this incredible publication.

    Each edition will include the biggest stories in energy, as well as specific intelligence briefings that contain highly-lucrative investment opportunities.

    Every Energy Advantage recommendation will be delivered with simple-to-follow instructions for capitalizing on the potential windfalls to be had.

    And when it’s time to maximize your returns on any of these recommendations, Dr. Kent Moors will release separate sell alerts as well.

    In addition to the monthly Energy Advantage releases and trade alerts, Dr. Moors will prepare intense and riveting Energy Advantage dossiers.

    These examine global power shifts in energy trends that will soon be making their presence felt.

    You will also receive 24/7 access to the Energy Advantage members only website.

    It’s encrypted, it’s password protected, and it contains every trade alert and every intelligence briefing as well as a detailed portfolio of all recommendations, plus the Energy Advantage report library.

    Here, you will find a collection of urgent investment reports containing opportunities that, just like today’s Arckaringa Basin target, are sure game changers.

    Join Energy Advantage
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    Now, the Energy Advantage is a very serious opportunity.

    I want to make that clear.

    But because Dr. Kent Moors has built it for average Americans, average folks who want their chance of striking it big with energy, it won’t cost you thousands of dollars a year to join.

    In fact, membership dues usually run $129 a year.

    But I want to show you how powerful the Energy Advantage can be. I want Dr. Kent Moors to prove it to you.

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    Now, if at any time during the next three months you decide this isn’t right for you…

    Simply contact me or my team and you will receive a complete refund of your membership dues.

    It’s time to stake your claim to this Arckaringa Basin discovery, a find that could be the most exciting energy play of the last 50 years.

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