Scandal: Latest WHO report shows declining Ebola in Africa

Scandal: Latest WHO report shows declining Ebola in Africa

October 2, 2014detenganlavacuna 1 Comment

The latest WHO report shows declining Ebola in Africa, while the media everywhere now inflate the show fear in the USA with the case confirmed in Texas.

This is the report given to us by the Austrian journalist Jane Burgermeister to update us on what is really going on in the area where the planet would have started the Ebola outbreak.

We call on prior informed hereby that is constantly translating and publishing true information brought by J. Burgermeister and our extensive international network of citizen journalists, the same as we were on the ball when we rode the 2009/2010’s show the false swine flu pandemic, and that despite censorship and obstacles, we keep everyone informed with the truth, contrasting media lies manipulated.

If you hear that shout the traditional means of mass disinformation will not find more traffic fears just looking you panic and run to obey the “authorities” that will tell you when and where to get new vaccines, same old story ever, where everything is hectic fear in order to sell you and your family the biological weapon that really sick.

– Stop Motion Vaccine –

Scandal: Latest WHO report shows declining Ebola in Africa
Informa Jane Burgermeister :

While there is traffic everywhere fears regarding the alleged case of Ebola in gringolandia, nobody knows that in recent WHO reports show the Ebola own DECLINING IN WEST AFRICA. Jane Burgermeister reported that NO NEW CASES CONFIRMED IN MONROVIA LAST WEEK.

* The updated report of the latest WHO admits that confirmed cases are declining in West Africa for a third consecutive week

* There were no new cases of Ebola in Monrovia last week

* Almost no cases in Kailahun and Kenema in Sierra Leone for the past 2 weeks, those who had previously reported high levels of deaths

Ebola is no longer active in several regions in Guinea and Sierra Leone one region

The graphics in the latest status report from WHO, released on October 1, 2014 (yesterday) is completely inconsistent with the official narrative being pushed by the WHO, the CDC and the media that Ebola is a disease easily transmissible and out of control.

WHO figures show a large drop in confirmed and probable cases of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in the last week of September (28). In fact, cases of Ebola have fallen for the third consecutive week.

Particularly striking has been the decline in Liberia, where cases of Ebola have been reduced by almost half in the past three weeks, according to Figure 1.

The situation is better in Guinea and Sierra Leone, according to WHO.

“Guinea reports show a slight decline in the number of new cases reported, compared with each of the past 5 weeks (Figure 2). This decline is mainly due to a fall in the number of new cases reported in the last five weeks, “says the WHO update.

In Sierra Leone, the WHO says there has been a decrease in confirmed cases in Freetown and “very low múmero new cases have been reported from Kailahun and Kenema for the past 2 weeks. These areas had previously reported high levels of transmission. ”

The WHO report calls into question its own figures due to a decline in cases of Ebola that do not fit the official narrative.

The WHO says the true numbers of confirmed cases of Ebola could be being uninformed as suspected cases could be being informed about without giving any adequate basis for this assertion.

The classification criteria of the WHO for suspected cases are, however, so vague that people who had contact or died of common diseases such as cholera and malaria, could be falsely classified as cases of Ebola. In fact, “any sudden death, unexplained” are entirely attributed to Ebola according to the WHO, leading to an inflation of Ebola cases.

“Table 4: Criteria for cases of Ebola


Any person, living or dead, who has (or had) sudden onset of high fever and contact with a suspect, probable or confirmed Ebola or a dead or sick animal case or anyone with sudden onset of high fever and at least 3 the following symptoms: headache, vomiting, anorexia / loss of appetite, diarrhea, lethargy, stomach pain, muscle and joint pain, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing or hiccups; or anyone with unexplained bleeding or any sudden, unexplained death. “

WHO also reports that 2 mobile labs United States Navy have come to Liberia and begin operating on October 5, so expect to see a huge increase in laboratory confirmed cases.

He was a scientist at Tulane University and bioweapons United States Navy, Dr. Daniel Bausch who was at the center of the Ebola outbreak in Kenema, triggering a crackdown by the government of Sierra Leone and a bar in the test for Ebola Tulane U., as reported in this blog.

“2 mobile labs United States Navy have now come to Liberia. One team will be based in Gbarnga (Bong County), with one based in Montserrado (the district containing the capital, Monrovia). Both teams will be operational on October 5 (Figure 6). In Sierra Leone, the Chinese mobile laboratory team based in Freetown began testing samples on September 29, 2014, with a capacity of 20 samples per test day. All other mobile laboratories in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia remain functional and operating at full capacity. “

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