October 8, 2014

A Spanish nurse said that she may have contracted Ebola from a priest flown back to Madrid from West Africa while taking off her protective gear as outrage mounts over the systematic breaches of epidemic protocols, biosafety rules and a lack of training given to medical personnel.

The nurse had been issued only biosafety level 2 clothing – and not biosafety level 4 as required by regulations for handling Ebola, it has emerged.

As reported by The Telegraph, doctors treating Ebola patients in Liberia wear several layers of clothing and four layers of gloves because the danger of being infected by a splash is greatest during the removal of protective gear.

Also, the nurse Teresa Romero Ramos reported high fever and Ebola symptoms many times before she was finally advised to go to a local hospital.

Health staff in Madrid today staged a protest outside La Paz Hospital over the safety failures by the government in handling the Ebola cases.

A top Spanish doctor expected to treat the nurse and others in isolation also complained he has been given minimal training on how to handle Ebola patients.

It is outrageous that the Spanish government flew back the priest only to violate all the protocols and regulations protecting the medical staff expected to care for him and so spread the disease. The people responsible should be sued or put on trial because these biosafety level breaches are systematic and deliberate and they present a danger to the people of Spain and Europe.

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    Once again I was spot on with my exposure of these criminal acts, please go over my article below:

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    Spanish Ebola case: ‘I am due to treat the patient. But I have no idea what to do’

    A doctor who will treat Maria Teresa Romero Ramos, the Spanish nurse who has contracted Ebola, has launched a scathing attack on his country’s training procedures

    By Fiona Govan, Madrid1:33PM BST 08 Oct 2014

    A senior doctor at the Madrid hospital where the Spanish nurse infected with Ebola is being treated has warned that staff are not sufficiently trained to deal with the virus.

    His warning comes as the sixth person in Spain was put into quarantine on Wednesday morning.

    Dr Santiago Yus, a specialist in intensive care with more than 30 years experience at the hospital where the six isolated patients are being treated, claimed medics have received only minimal training.

    “Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will be expected to treat the Ebola patient and nobody has even taught me to put on the protective suit,” he said in an interview with Spain’s daily El Mundo newspaper.

    “I am not ready, I am not trained. And it’s the same with my colleagues.”

    He said that he and other doctors had been given a ten-minute briefing on management of Ebola patients and shown some photographs on a wall. Two months ago they were given a demonstration on how to put on the protective suit.

    “A doctor and a nurse put the suit on and took it off. The training was and is absolutely insufficient,” he said.

    The warning will set off alarm bells as Spain’s public health officials struggle to quell panic after a fourth nurse in Madrid – who like Maria Teresa Romero Ramos had cared for an infected Spanish missionary – was quarantined with suspected symptoms of the deadly Ebola virus.

    In addition to the four nurses, Mrs Romero’s husband is in quarantine, as is an engineer who returned to Spain from Nigeria.

    Dr Yus is among fifteen health workers at the Carlos III hospital who have made a formal complaint to management about their lack of training in the face of the current crisis.

    Maria Teresa Romero Ramos

    Mrs Romero was transferred to a specialist isolation unit at the Carlos III hospital on Monday night after testing positive for the haemorrhagic fever, becoming the first case of contracting Ebola virus outside West Africa.
    It is still unclear how exactly she was infected with the virus while she was part of a team treating two missionaries repatriated from West Africa.

    But sources close to the investigation into how the infection occurred have suggested Mrs Romero may not have followed proper procedure when removing her protective suit after coming into contact with the second Ebola patient.

    Manuel Garcia Viejo, 69 died at the Madrid hospital on September 25, five days after being airlifted from Sierra Leone.

    Miguel Pajares, 74, died there in August after his repatriation from Liberia.

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    Spanish nurse who contracted Ebola did not have biosecurity level 4 protection gear, only level 2

    October 8, 2014

    Spanish authorities cannot explain how a nurse who only had contact with an Ebola patient and his things twice in Madrid managed to contract Ebola:

    “The hospital was reported to have had extreme protective measures in place including two sets of overalls, gloves and goggles.

    However, health workers told El Pais newspaper that the clothing did not have level-four biological security, which is fully waterproof and with independent breathing apparatus.

    Instead it was level two, the paper says, as photographs provided by staff indicated that the overalls did not allow for ventilation and the gloves were made of latex and bound with adhesive tape.”

    The Spanish nurse was wearing more protective gear than MSF volunteers are instructed to, and it’s a mystery how she managed to contract Ebola after entering only two times into an Ebola patient’s room.

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