Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey is a victim of the flawed UK government’s screening and quarantine policies, and so it is grotesque to learn she is being investigated by the nursing regulators for concealing her symptoms.

Far from concealing her symptoms, Cafferkey asked to be tested for fever seven times when she flew back to the UK via Casablanca and landed at London Heathrow. She was denied a rapid diagnosis because of flawed screening protocols. She was sent on her way to catch a plane to Glasgow Airport late on December 28, jeopardising the other passengers.

Public Health England should be investigating the government and UK Medical Chief Dame Sally Davies for their refusal to implement standard epidemic control measures. Intsead, Public Health England has instigated a witchhunt against three nurses and two doctors who were among healthcare workers returning to the UK and who were not offered proper protection, advise or help.

Cafferkey had to report her symptoms of Ebola to an NHS helpline.

And it has emerged staff at local A&E ­departments were not prepared for Ebola if she had gone to a ­Lanarkshire ­hospital.

“Medics at one Lanarkshire ­hospital were only this week provided with protective bio-hazard suits and given training in how to use them to prevent the virus spreading, ” writes Herald Scotland.

“Instructions on how to handle an Ebola case were available but it has been claimed the guidelines are of little use without the correct ­training and equipment.

A spokesman for NHS Lanarkshire insisted staff at all three of its hospitals were fully prepared.

However, a source at the health board, who asked not to be named, said: “There is a binder of protocols in the department, which I think we’ve had for a month or so, and we got in the protective equipment in the last week or two, but it was only in the last few days we got training in how to gear up and remove it all without risk of exposure.

“The NHS doesn’t seem to work on a preparation basis. Now that Ebola is here, they act. It’s like ­telling people to duck and cover during a nuclear attack.”

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