Scientists make prediction that time will stop completely

Not enough hours in the day? Scientists predict time will stop completely

Time might feel like it is running away from us as the pace of life increases but according to scientists, the future will stop completely.

By Donna Bowater
7:18AM BST 18 Jun 2012

The theory of time running out was devised by researchers from two Spanish universities trying to explain why the universe appeared to be spreading continuously and accelerating.

Observations of supernovae, or exploding stars, found the movement of light indicated they were moving faster than those nearer to the centre of the universe.

But the scientists claimed the accepted theory of an opposite force to gravity, known as dark energy, was wrong, and said the reality was that the growth of the universe was slowing.

Professor Jose Senovilla, Marc Mars and Raul Vera from the University of the Basque Country and the University of Salamanca said the deceleration of time was so gradual, it was imperceptible to humans.

Their proposal, published in the journal Physical Review D, claimed dark energy does not exist and that time was winding down to the point when it would finally grind to a halt long after the planet ceased to exist.

The slowing down of time will eventually mean everything will appear to take place faster and faster until it eventually disappears.

Professor Senovilla told the New Scientist: “Then everything will be frozen, like a snapshot of one instant, for ever.”

Gary Gibbons, a cosmologist the University of Cambridge, told the news website RT that the idea was not as absurd as it sounded.

“We believe that time emerged during the Big Bang and if time can emerge, may disappear as well as the opposite effect,” he said.


    The goal of The JASON Society is to stop time and space altogether and they want to create a single climate and season Worldwide. This will involve the destruction of Jupiter and or Saturn or even a new Sun completely being added rather than a Sun geo-engineered from a current planet. The effect this will have on Earth will be tremendous as the planets play a specific role with energies to this Earth and our chakra system for instance. A new being would have to be designed to withstand some of these quite dramatic changes. We are talking about serious genetic differences and planetary alignments here. This is the plan of the Alchemists trying to bring about the perfection of man and the unity of Heaven and Earth as one.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • truth12

    I heard time was going faster now feels like it. Anyways they are slaves to time and cant do anything unless the time permits it so they probably know when they need to due this if they do it.

    I saw detailed anatomical drawings of the alien J-RODs a number of years ago. This being’s design might be in part to deal with this scenario.

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