Scotland Yard ‘bound’ to probe royal sex crime

Scotland Yard ‘bound’ to probe royal sex crime

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Scotland Yard says it will investigate allegations that the Duke of York had sex with a minor if the victim lodges a formal complaint against the royal family member.

“We are, of course, duty Police ‘bound’ to probe UK sex crime any allegation of a crime that is made to us, regardless of the nature of the allegation,” a Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

Speaking to London’s Daily Mail, Virginia Roberts said convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who is also a close friend of the prince, paid her $15,000 to have sex with the prince in London, New York, and on Epstein’s private US island between 1999 and 2002.

Roberts has claimed she was “sexually abused” by the Duke when she was only 17, a claim vehemently rejected by Buckingham Palace and the prince in two separate statements.

She further explained that on one occasion she was specifically flown to London from the US as a “gift” to Andrew.

She was also loaned to American politicians, powerful business executives, and foreign presidents as a sex slave.

However, despite the claims Roberts has not yet made an official criminal complaint.

The Duke has hesitated to sue Roberts to prevent further media hype.

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