Scots disappointed with powers bill

‘Scots disappointed with powers bill’

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Criticisms continue against a proposed legislation published by the British government on Thursday to give extended powers to the Scottish Parliament.

Pat Kane, a Glasgow-based writer and independence campaigner, has told Press TV that the Scotland Bill falls short of several key pledges that the British government had made after the Scots voted ‘No’ in an referendum for independence this past September.

“Some of the powers that have been given in terms of changing wealthier conditions or other kind of social benefits are not fully within the control of the Scottish parliament as promised by the Smith Commission,” Kane said.

“It’s very disappointing because the Smith Commission proposals themselves have fallen short of issues like home rule or the self-government vision that the Scottish people were promised when they voted ‘No’ in September.”

Kane further said the Scottish people want to push for as many powers as possible. This, he said, could be materialized through May general elections in which the Scots are expected to vote “tactically”.

“The Scots vote tactically in the elections,” he told Press TV’s UK Desk in an exclusive interview, adding that a prime objective at the polls will be “to keep the Tory party out of Scotland as much as possible”.

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