Scots gather in Edinburgh, call for independence

Scots gather in Edinburgh, call for independence

Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:21PM GMT

Hundreds of pro-independence demonstrators have staged a gathering near the parliament building in the Scottish capital Edinburgh.

During Saturday’s protest, which came ahead of Scotland’s nationhood celebrations, demonstrators played national anthems and held speeches celebrating Scottish nationhood.

Demonstrators wrapped themselves in Scottish flags and were carrying various “Yes” related paraphernalia.

“This is just not good enough for Scotland anymore. Scotland is now at the stage where we’ve had enough of being ruled, we’re getting nothing, we’re putting everything and getting nothing back, and it’s time for Scotland to become an independent country,” a demonstrator told an RT reporter.

Scots celebrate their national day which is known as Saint Andrew’s Day on November 30.

The latest protest was held amid growing calls for Scotland’s independence from Britain.

In an independence vote, which was held on September 18, Scots voted 55-45 percent to preserve the 307-year-old political union with England.

However, a recent poll showed that support for independence has grown to 52 percent.

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