Scots scoff at Miliband over bill pledge

Scots scoff at Miliband over bill pledge

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UK’s Labour leader Ed Miliband promised on Thursday that he would introduce a bill for extended powers for Scotland – known as the Home Rule Bill – to the Parliament within 100 days if he becomes the next prime minister.

“Just as in 1997, devolution will be one of the first things on our agenda for the next Labour government,” Miliband said in a visit to Glasgow.

However, the Scotland National Party dismissed the idea that the Bill would amount to home rule as “laughable”, saying that 70 per cent of taxation and 85 per cent of welfare spending would remain under Westminster’s control.

“Trying to claim that this is home rule could be reported under the Trade Descriptions Act for being completely untrue,” said Stewart Hosie, the SNP’s deputy leader.

Meanwhile, Robert Oulds, a British Conservative Party member, has told Press TV that the bill for greater powers to Scotland leaves many powers still in the hands of the British Parliament and not Scotland’s.

“[Most of the matters] would still be decided at Westminster by the British Parliament rather the Scottish Parliament based in Edinburg,” Oulds said. “So, it will never fulfill the desires of the Scottish National Party because of course they have always supported full independence. There would be more powers to Scotland but they will argue that it is simply not enough.”

He said London will have to be prepared for fresh disputes over this case with the SNP, adding that the SNP currently has a high chance to do well at the general elections in May.

Oulds further emphasized that Miliband’s remarks on Thursday show that he is “very worried about the situation in Scotland”.

“Ed Miliband is actually quite unpopular within large parts of the country, but he is particularly unpopular within Scotland not because his principles are not in tune with the Scottish people, but mainly because he is seen as being part of a political elite more than being a man for the people,” Oulds told Press TV’s UK Desk in an exclusive interview.

He further emphasized that chances for Miliband to win much Scottish votes in May elections are low.

“There is a complete cultural disconnect between him and the Scottish which is really threatening labors’ chances of winning in next election,” Oulds said.

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