Scots voting about England unfair: Conservative Party

Scots voting about England unfair: Conservative Party

Wed Dec 17, 2014 12:58AM GMT

The British government has announced plans to stop Scottish members of the Westminster parliament from voting on exclusively English matters because English MPs cannot vote on some issues only affecting Scotland.

On Tuesday, the British Conservative Party’s William Hague, while addressing parliament, announced the proposal which grants English MPs a veto over Westminster legislation thought to only be applicable to England.

Conservatives argue that it is unfair that Scottish MPs currently have a say in how things such as health service and schools are run in England while English MPs have no option over how they are run in Scotland.

Hague referred to the subject as a “matter of fairness,” and said home rule for Scotland should be matched by home rule for England.

He went on to say that home rule for Wales and Northern Ireland could also be applicable, if they demanded it.

“This is a fundamental issue of fairness for all the people of the United Kingdom,” Hague said. “Just as the people of Scotland will have more power over their affairs, so it follows the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland must have the opportunity to have a bigger say over theirs.”

British opposition Labor party is threatened by the proposal because it has 41 MPs from Scottish constituencies whereas the Conservatives only have one, thus diminish Labor’s influence in Westminster.

The government has vowed to put the matter to vote in January.

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