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Scotland should reapply for entering EU

Fri, 07 Dec 2012 16:21:31 GMT

Scotland would have to reapply for the European Union (EU) membership if it decides to break away from the UK in the upcoming 2014 independence referendum, the EU Commission has confirmed.

Addressing Scotland, the president of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso confirmed the EU membership would no longer apply to an existing member state which becomes an independent country.

This comes as Scottish National Party (SNP) ministers have been consistent in their view that an independent Scotland would automatically join the EU.

“Scotland would not be applying for membership. Scotland is already a member of the European Union, our citizens are EU citizens today, we follow all of the EU relevant provisions that we are required to follow,” Finance Secretary John Swinney said.

“So the key point is any negotiation would be taking place not to apply for membership, but for membership from within the European Union, which is the key distinction which has to be remembered in this debate”, he added.

Downing Street, however, said an independent Scotland would most likely need to reapply into the EU for membership.

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