Scottish Yes vote bad news for the paedophile lair

Scottish Yes vote bad news for BBC

Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:46PM GMT

A Yes vote in Scotland’s upcoming independence referendum will cause major spending cuts for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The Guardian cited John Brit, a former BBC director general, as saying that the corporation’s present 15-percent spending cuts, which have been ordered by the British government, will be “greatly worsened,” if Scotland obtains its independence.

According to Brit, the BBC will lose another 10 percent of its funding, the £320 million currently paid annually by Scotland’s license fee payers.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has proposed that a new Scottish broadcasting service could take over all the BBC’s assets and staff in Scotland.

BBC Scotland has a £205-million budget, which is around £115 million less than collected from the license fee.

Brit predicted the BBC would reject Salmond’s proposal and would sell its programs to the highest bidder in Scotland.

He also said the BBC would be forced to make “fundamental” changes to its programming and operations if Scots vote Yes, while Scottish viewers would lose automatic access to all the corporation’s TV and radio programs.

According to an ICM poll published on Sunday, support for independence has risen by four percent to 38 percent from 34 percent recorded in July.

Scottish people will cast their ballots in a referendum set to be held on September 18 and will celebrate their independence, if they vote to break away from the UK, on March 24, 2016.

Salmond has repeatedly stressed that an independent Scotland with a strong economy would benefit the whole Britain.

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