Secret Tapes: Olmert Calls Sheldon Adleson ‘Dog, Son Of A Dog’

Secret Tapes: Olmert Calls Sheldon Adleson ‘Dog, Son Of A Dog’

December 18, 2014 1:40 PM by Jacob Kornbluh Leave a comment (0) Go to comments

Secret tapes of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, released in public on Thursday, reveal that Republican casino mogul Sheldon Adelson told President George W. Bush that Olmert was a “traitor.”

“Adelson – this dog, son of a dog – went to President Bush and said that I’m a traitor. Bush told me,” Olmert is heard as telling his former assistant Shula Zaken, who recorded her conversations with him during the Holyland case, in which both were convicted.

Olmert has previously accused his former bureau chief of being a compulsive gambler who took huge bribes from Adelson, “a stool pigeon and a criminal who records her own boss.”

During a police interrogation that took place about six months ago, Olmert reportedly said, “I have no doubt that Shula Zaken received a much larger bribe than what emerged in the police [investigation] or the trial, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it totalled many hundreds of thousands. She gambled systematically in casinos for years.”

“I’m convinced she has found someone to finance her,” he said. “Think for yourselves about who’s capable of financing her, someone who wants to hurt me politically. The interrogator, according to Haaretz, asked if he was referring to Adelson, founder of Israel Hayom and longtime supporter of Olmert’s political rival, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“You said it,” Olmert replied. “Is he making that newspaper for $150 million for no reason? Now he’s invested much less to eliminate the possibility that this prime minister [Olmert] will return to the political arena.”

The shocking recordings also revealed that Olmert offered Zaken a monthly $10,000 payoff if she goes to jail instead of him.

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