Sexting British MP Brooks Newmark to step down

Sexting British MP Brooks Newmark to step down

Sat Oct 11, 2014 11:14PM GMT

British Conservative Member of Parliament for Braintree, Brooks Newmark has said that he will not take part in the next parliamentary elections because of “continued media intrusion”.

Newmark, who recently stepped down as minister for civil society over threats of a sex scandal, made the announcement on Saturday following another newspaper threatening to expose a fresh sex scandal.

In a letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron, Newmark said he would stand down at next May’s general election.

“The continued media intrusion into past episodes in my personal life is placing an intolerable burden on my family. I have therefore decided to stand down at the general election…,”he said, adding, “I have no one to blame but myself and take full responsibility for my own actions.”

The American born MP also appealed to the media asking them to respect his family’s privacy.

On September 28, Newmark handed in his resignation after he was informed that a scandalous story about him was going to be published in a Sunday newspaper.

The married father of five children and campaigner to raise the role and number of women in politics was allegedly caught while sending explicit photos of himself over the internet to an undercover female journalist.

Newmark was elected MP for Braintree in 2005 and appointed a Cabinet Office minister as part of Cameron’s last cabinet reshuffle in July.

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