Shocking negligence at Sellafield Nuclear Waste site

Dec 10 2014

Shocking negligence at Sellafield Nuclear Waste site

If you want to see what nuclear negligence looks like, it can be found at Sellafield nuclear waste dump in Britain. The site was built in the 1940s, filled with nuclear waste from the 1950’s and 60’s and subsequently abandoned in the early 70’s. And I mean it was abandoned. While fully loaded.

Sellafield is a huge waste storage site that could create a disaster that would make Fukushima blush. Sellafield contains the combined waste from many different nuclear reactors, nuclear bomb programs, and the waste was stored at theoretical minimum (for temporary storage) safety standards and was subsequently completely abandoned and allowed to fall to rot.

Containment areas are open to the sky to such an extent that seagulls enter and swim on the fuel pools. Most if not all of the water control gates are rusted in place and only luck has prevented a disaster, since most if not all water control is completely inoperable.

Many of the storage pools have cracked concrete, and from the looks of things have been kept full only because rainwater got in to fill them. The fuel, which was only supposed to be at Sellafield for at most five years (and subsequently sat for 45 years) has, as a result of sitting for far too long degraded badly and lined the bottoms of the fuel pools with radioactive dust that will burn if it is exposed to air.

There are currently problems with restoration because the fuel storage areas are too radioactive for workers to enter. These photographs are not credited, no one knows how they got taken or who did it.

If you want to see what nuclear negligence looks like, just take a look at these pictures:


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  • theunhivedmind

    When Fukushima kicked off it was three-hundred times worst than Chernobyl. If Sellafield kicks off it has the potential to be a minimum eighty times worse than Chernobyl. As usual the British Government continue to claim the place is safe but we all know its bunkum like everything else they come out with. If you want to know how much plutonium is at Sellafield then you’d be looking at between 70-80 tonnes,

    -= The Unhived Mind

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