Showdown in London Town @georgegalloway & @maxkeiser to outline plans for the City

Showdown in London Town @georgegalloway & @maxkeiser to outline plans for the City

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  • theunhivedmind

    George Galloway cannot do a single thing to the City of London so don’t believe he and Max Keiser will hinder the City in any way, shape or form. Ancient Londinium (New Jerusalem) aka City of London of the Blessed Isles of Albion (Britain) rules itself and it has been this way since the 13th Century. A Mayor of London has no power over or inside the City of London only the Lord Mayor has power over the City of London. Galloway isn’t giving you the whole truth that there are two London’s, one is the real London (City of London) and the other is the outgrowth which is part of England. Make sure you understand the difference and take a note of how all these English politicians all have to dress-up when entering the City and the Mansion House. Even the New Doge Queen Elizabeth II has to ask permission to enter the City of London and she’s forbidden from wearing any regalia inside the Templar Bar gates. So now do you think Galloway has any say on the City? I should remind you that the City was the true head of the British Empire a long time before the Monarchy was bought into that fold.

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