Shut Down Nuclear Plant Near New York May Start Operating Tuesday

Shut Down Nuclear Plant Near New York May Start Operating Tuesday © Flickr/ Gogo6969

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The Indian Point Nuclear Center near New York City remains shut down after suspending work due to a malfunction, but can restart its operations as soon as Tuesday, the integrated energy company Entergy spokesperson Patricia Kakridas told Sputnik on Monday.

NEW YORK (Sputnik) — “At this time, operators are working to address the issue that caused power loss to some of the control rods and the plant is expected to be back online within the next day or two,” Kakridas said.

The New York nuclear center has been shut down since Saturday afternoon after the non-nuclear side of the plant malfunctioned, causing the entire plant to shut down. No radiation has been released as a result of the malfunction.

The Indian Point Nuclear Center, owned and operated by the Entergy, was recently criticized by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo for lacking proper evacuation plans in case of a major disaster.

Entergy’s license to operate Indian Point is currently under review.

Indian Point Nuclear Center supplies about 25 percent of electricity to New York City and the New York County of Westchester, according to Entergy’s website.

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