Small Town Kentucky Teen Killed by Police, Suspected of Killing Family

Small Town Kentucky Teen Killed by Police, Suspected of Killing Family © Flickr/ J. Stephen Conn

20:18 16.02.2015

Police killed a Kentucky 16-year-old in a shootout after the teen drove to Maryland. Police believe Jason C. Hendrix may have shot and killed his parents and sister after a dispute his parents took away his computer rights.

Police in Baltimore pursued Hendrix who was driving his parent’s Honda Pilot with Kentucky plates when he hit another vehicle. Hendrix then opened fire injuring one officer and officers fired back.

After the shootout, Baltimore County Police said they found a 9mm semiautomatic handgun, two.38-caliber pistols, a double-barreled shotgun and a backpack full of ammo.

Hendrix was a high school Junior ROTC student. Police said he was an active churchgoer and may have even attended a church youth meeting the same night his family had been killed. The pastor at his church said that he would arrive at church every Sunday at 7 a.m. to set up equipment.

Kevin and Sarah Hendrix and daughter Grace were found shot to death in their Corbin, Kentucky, home on Saturday afternoon. The killer used a pillow to muffle the gunshots while shooting each twice in the head.

The town of Corbin boasts fewer than 7,500 residents and police have called homicides rare, particularly triple homicides like this one. Kevin and Sarah Hendrix were beekeepers and Sarah also taught at a local college.

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