Sneaky traffic warden hides camera behind a newspaper whilst parked illegaly

Sneaky CCTV surveillance traffic warden hides camera behind a newspaper… as he is parked on double yellow lines

By Katy Winter
PUBLISHED: 16:58, 10 October 2012 | UPDATED: 17:00, 10 October 2012–parked-double-yellow-lines.html

A rather cunning traffic warden is pictured hiding his surveillance camera behind a newspaper in an attempt to catch those parking illegally in the act.

However in an ironic twist, the warden himself was stopped on a double yellow line at the time.

The civil enforcement officer was parked on double yellow lines in a mobile CCTV car in Queen’s Road, Wimbledon.

Never the most popular type of civil servant, this type of devious behaviour and hypocrisy is likely to enrage many drivers, and enforce the long held believe that traffic wardens really are ‘out to get you.’

Merton Council have denied that the warden was attempting to hide the camera from motorists, despite the pictures seemingly showing him holding the newspaper over the camera.

He was caught out by a passer-by who snapped him parked on double yellow lines in Wimbledon, south London.

A spokeswoman for Merton Council, which operates the CCTV enforcement vehicles, admitted that trying to conceal a camera was ‘unacceptable’.

The surveillance camera, which is fixed behind the windscreen, was shielded from view beneath a newspaper.

An unnamed resident who took the picture blasted the council employee as ‘cunning and underhand’.

‘The operator- and I stared him in the face- could not care that he was on double yellow lines even after several other passing pedestrians told him so.’

Merton Council’s website advises motorists: ‘Double yellow lines are sited for safety reasons, in areas where parking could cause a serious obstruction, so please avoid parking where these restrictions apply.’

A council spokeswoman denied the traffic warden was trying to hide the camera and doing so would be considered ‘unacceptable’ by parking service managers.

She said: ‘The vehicle has enforcement signs on it and a sign showing a camera on the doors.’

She added: ‘Our civil enforcement officers are legally permitted to park where necessary to carry out their enforcement duties; this includes double yellow lines.

‘However, we advise them that, if it is at all possible to do their job safely from a point where there are no traffic restrictions, they should do so.’

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