Society’s Gender Lunacy Exposed in Custody Case

Society’s Gender Lunacy Exposed in Custody Case

June 12, 2015

A custody case in Ontario
proves Western society has
drunk the Kool-Aid.

Judge awards part custody of 5-yr-old boy to mother determined he should be a girl. Judge says the child should decide what his gender is.

“We are brain-dead and stupid to allow this toxic, hateful attack on our heterosexual identity become official policy.”

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In olden days, identifying a boy or a girl was a simple matter. A boy had a penis and a girl didn’t. A boy played with toy bulldozers while a girl wanted dolls.

Nature hasn’t changed but Western society has. It is dominated by a Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish satanic cult (the Illuminati) that believes mind trumps nature (reality.) No matter their biology, people can choose “to identify” with either gender.

This is illustrated by a custody fight in Oakville, Ont. where a mother was raising a five-year-old boy as a girl. She sent him to school dressed in girl’s clothing and referred to him as “she.”

The father objected and eventually the Halton Children’s Aid Society removed the child and his younger sibling from their mother’s care.

However, on June 1, a feminist judge, Sheleigh O’Connell, ruled that the agency was too hasty. She ordered that joint custody be reinstated and the child, “S,” be allowed to pick his own gender. According to the Toronto Star, she wrote:

“S. has the right to express himself the way he so chooses and it is hoped that each parent will accept, respect and support S. as he develops, in whatever way he develops.”

O’Connell ordered that the boy should be dressed as he wishes and not unilaterally pushed toward either a male or a female identity. If he wishes to dress like a girl, O’Connell wrote, the parent in custody of the boy is to respect this desire, but is also required to notify the other parent and the Children’s Aid Society.

O’Connell’s ruling was based in part on an evaluation of the child by Dr. Joey Bonifacio, an expert in gender identity at SickKids Hospital in Toronto. Bonifacio found the child displayed both stereotypical male preferences — for example, playing with Transformers or Captain America toys — as well as stereotypical female preferences, including liking pink and purple and wanting long hair.

Bonifacio found the boy was an extremely intelligent, loving, and articulate child who was associating some traditionally female behaviours and preferences with a need to change genders.

“S. only expressed affective statements that were tied to gender expression such as, ‘I want to be a girl. Girls have long hair,’ ” Bonifacio wrote.

O’Connell wrote that S. was aware of his parents’ conflict over his gender identity and tended to express conflicting views about his gender to different adults, including his mom and dad.

This is a terrible judgment. There’s no way the mother will not try to convince her son
he is a girl.


Obviously, this child has been confused by his screwball mother. The judge and psychologist aren’t helping the boy “express himself.” They are promoting gender dysfunction and homosexuality. A healthy culture cultivates and affirms a child’s inherent gender characteristics. When the culture contradicts them, as in this case, dysfunction ensues.

We are brain-dead and stupid to allow this toxic, hateful attack on heterosexual identity become official policy.

Question the homosexual lifestyle and you’re a ‘homophobe’ yet the Illuminati and their minions can trample on heterosexuals and their children with impunity.

In Ontario, homosexuals who want to be straight again are forbidden from seeking help.
The government is imposing a program to sexualize children (aka “sex education) designed by Benjamin Levin, a jailed convicted pedophile.

All the scientific research shows that gender differences are hardwired. Neuropsychologist Dr Anne Moir writes: “The difference between men and women is not merely physical. It is neurological, too. Male and female human brains are wired differently, causing us to think, feel, react and respond in strikingly different ways.”

Anyone who has known male and female toddlers can confirm this. In nature, gender is universal, ranging from creatures at the bottom of the oceans to those on mountain sides. Gender is essential to human personal and social wellbeing.

Yet Satanists think they can trump biology by warping our minds. This is part of an insidious plan to reengineer society to serve the Illuminati, by emasculating men, destroying the family, taking over reproduction and making people sick.

If we let them continue, we deserve our fate and more.
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