by Barry Chamish

I became acquainted with author Christopher Bollyn over a decade ago when he misused my research on the Ginossar scandal. If you recall, Yasir Arafat stole over $300m from his people and put it into Swiss bank accounts with the help of Israel’s PLO liaison, Yossi Ginossar. By the time Bollyn had abused my research, Israel made Arafat steal the dough. When, livid, I confronted him about the exploitation, he replied to me, “How could Arafat use that kind of money from his hovel in Gaza?” Those are the kind of ethics that are in the back of my mind as I review his new book, Solving 9-11. (
Bollyn is a writer for deeply anti-semitic journals like Spotlight and The American Free Press. The opinions of his book, that Zionists were the force behind the 9-11 disaster, are becoming near gospel in the extreme Right community. You’d better not ignore them or risk facing a horrible future for Jews, because he is not completely wrong.
Yes, you heard me.
But he does the classic deadly spin, blaming all Zionists for the questionable behavior of one group, Labor Zionism. What he forgets is that their opposition, the Irgun, were expelled from the Zionist movement in the thirties and fought a civil war with the Labor Zionists until the late forties. Or that barely 10% of today’s Israelis support Labor Zionism or their values. Or that Labor Zionism has declared a new war against the different Zionism of the religious Jews and has brutally expelled thousands from their homes. Nope, to Bollyn all Zionists are cut from the same cloth, are lumped together in one murderous pile, and 9-11 was thus, a Jewish crime. And so, despite some serious research within, Solving 9-11, is classic hateful anti-semitism and should be rewritten or seriously re-edited, lest it never be taken seriously.
And parts of it should be. Bollyn accuses all Zionists of fomenting a false flag event on 9-11 in order to get Arab terrorists to take the rap. That led immediately to American troops in Afghanistan, followed by a little delay, with an attack on Iraq. That, according to the author, was the Zionists’ plan, to get America and its allies to fight its foes for Israel. To prove this is old Zionist tactics, Bollyn begins with the attack on the Liberty:

“I had also studied the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty and had seen how the US government had covered up the truth of the Israeli military attack on the unarmed Navy vessel off the coast of Egypt in 1967.”

I had also studied the Liberty attack and reached a different conclusion:

During the attack the U.S.S. Liberty continually called the 6th fleet which was nearby begging for air support. Two groups of fighter aircraft were sent to defend the Liberty but unbelievably they were recalled by the White House. The Admiral in Command of the sixth fleet called Washington to confirm the recall order. Secretary of Defence MacNamara came on the line followed by the president himself who told the Admiral, “I want that G D Ship going to the bottom” Finally after 3 hours into the attack a Russian spy ship appeared so the Israelis withdrew because there were witnesses allowing the Liberty to limp home to safety. Here is what really took place. President Johnson had personal control over the ship, made a backroom deal with Israel to attack it with an order to kill everyone on board. Then the attack was to be blamed on Egypt and U.S. would enter the war and take over the entire Middle East beginning with the pro-Soviet Nasser.

To further prove Israel uses terror to get its way, Bollyn utilizes the Mossad chief Isser Harel’s Damocles Operation of the 60s, which he writes was, “A terror bombing campaign to threaten German scientists and prevent them from helping Egypt develop its defence systems.” No, Chris, it was an operation to stop Nazi scientists from developing a guided missile system aimed at Israel. It worked and was proven legitimate. But Bollyn uses it as a segue to Harel’s supposed planning of 9-11 way back in 1980:

On Sept. 30/01, Michael Evans, recounted his meeting with Harel in 1980. He asked him if terrorism will strike America and he answers in the affirmative. “It’s likely they will strike the Empire State Building, a symbol of your power.” And from this bit of speculation, Bollyn builds a broad conspiracy. Harel gives the plot away in 1980, Netanyahu furthers the aims with his appeal to wage war against Israel’s foes throughout the decade, while the plan comes to fruition throughout the ’90s when all the players are gathered together to play their roles. Now Bollyn throws punches in all directions, meaning some will hit. Try to follow his logic as he names the highest level fellow conspirators:

“Shimon Peres has the credentials of a Zionist arch-terrorist. Furthermore he has the record and worldview, and the capability to be an architectural level planner of 9-11.”

“I discovered Olmert had visited New York on the eve of the 9-11 terror atrocity…Why wasn’t his visit reported in the media?”

“In March 2001, Ehud Barak came to America…His assignment was to oversee the preparation for the terror attacks of 9-11…Barak needed to arrange the production of an advanced form of super-thermite, an extremely powerful explosive produced using nanotechnology.”

Now, I am in Bollyn’s camp but for reasons beyond his bigoted research. I say this as objectively as possible. I did the original research. It has never been disproved nor will it be, I stand by it and always will. Peres organized the murders of Rabin, Sharon, Eitan, Zeevi, all right wing politicians who stood in his way of “peace.” His “peace” center, as its first order of business in the 90s was to fund nanotechnology. Barak arrived in Washington to oversee the murder of JFK Jr., the publisher exposing the real Rabin murder to America. And Olmert’s co-Treasurer of the Likud Party of the late 80s, Menachem Atzmon was too close to 9-11 for any degree of comfort. He apparently was rewarded for taking the rap for Olmert:

“Menachem Atzmon, convicted in Israel, went on to become the founder and head of International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS), the parent company of Huntleigh USA, the airport security firm that ran passenger screening operations at the airports of Boston and Newark on 9/11.
Huntleigh USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of an Israeli company called International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS) International N.V., a Netherlands-based aviation and transportation security firm headed by �former [Israeli] military commanding officers and veterans of government intelligence and security agencies.�
Menachem Atzmon, convicted in Israel in 1996 for campaign finance fraud, and his business partner Ezra Harel, took over management of security at the Boston and Newark airports when their company ICTS bought Huntleigh USA in 1999. UAL Flight 175 and AA 11, which allegedly struck the twin towers, both originated in Boston, while UAL 93, which purportedly crashed in Pennsylvania, departed from the Newark airport.”

And I had further confirmation that the planes couldn’t have brought down the WTC from one of its architects, Aaron Swirki, of Netanya, who wrote me: “How could jet fuel have caused the collapse? We had a sprinkler system on the roof to douse a fire caused by a 707 crash. Besides, the fire was out for over an hour before the buildings collapsed.”
Once collapsed, the coverup began with Bollyn’s all-purpose Zionists covering the legal and physical removal sides of the operation:

“Peter Goelz, managing director of the NTSB, the federal agency that investigates air crashes…personally supervised the mysterious crash of the young JFK Jr.’s plane off the coast of Cape Cod.”

“Maurice Greenberg, is head of the insurance giant A.I.G. The first plane that struck the World Trade Center flew straight into the secure computer room of Marsh, a company run by his son Jeffrey.”

“To broker the scrap deal with the Asian mills, Hugo Neu had created a global trading division, headed by ferrous metal trader, (the presidentially pardoned) Marc Rich.”

“From Michael Chertoff, the senior official responsible for investigating and prosecuting 9-11, to the Mossad-controlled traders and owners of the New Jersey junkyard that managed its destruction, the steel passed from one Zionist agent to another until it was completely destroyed in the furnaces of Asian steel mills.”

And the conspirators’ names keep rolling from Bollyn’s book. Michael Goff was the marketing man who sold Ptech software to the FAA and rigged the planes to crash into buildings. It was through Jeremy Kroll that the Mossad gained control of security at the WTC. And Arnon Milchan arranged the advanced super-thermite used to bring down the buildings. Of Milchan, Bollyn writes: “Israeli authors who are close to Milchan say that he and Shimon Peres are strategic partners and holders of some of Israel’s most significant secrets.”

I know 9-11 was an inside job. The most blatant clues are sheer giveaways. WTC leasee Larry Silverstein signed his takeover of the property in July 2001 with a double indemnity clause that gave him seven billion dollars if the buildings were felled by terrorism. Lucky Larry. And when UA 93 was felled in Pennsylvania instead of crashing into Building Seven, and with fire marshals threatening to discover the explosives within, at 5:20 PM, in the smoldering shadows of Buildings 1 and 2, Larry “pulled” the 47 storey Building Seven in a perfect controlled demolition. So how did he engineer that in an afternoon?

I could imagine tracing all the Protestants involved in the attack beginning with the President. But Bollyn is determined to blame only and all Zionists. He almost goes down an honest evidentiary path but back he comes accusing all Jews and Israelis for 9-11. “The strategy was first articulated by the extreme right-wing politician Binyamin Netanyahu of the Likud Party in 1980.” Bollyn’s ignorance reigns supreme. In 1980, Netanyahu was selling furniture at the RIM company and not formulating plans for 9-11. Within two years, his political career would be thoroughly controlled by the American, Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). Bollyn’s all encompassing conspiracy has to have the “right-wing” Likud at its head to fit his point of view. To this end he writes:

“The criminal audacity of Israel’s leaders is not sustainable for the long term because their rampant criminality endangers the Zionist state and its citizens…My investigation has revealed a complex corporate and financial network in which high-level Zionists…have long operated in the United States. Within this network the connections of Zionists to both 9-11 and the current financial crisis can be seen.”

During the last Depression, FDR had a similar gang of LABOR Zionists with names like Brandeis, Schiff, Astor, and Oppenheimer, at work making sure the Jews of Europe were slaughtered without interference from America. At the same time, a genuine rebellion by the Irgun to save the Jews was quashed by the Labor Zionists. The religious Jews of Europe were all but wiped out so the Labor Zionists could rebuild Israel in their chosen image. They are the “peacemakers” of Israel today. And just like during the Forties, Israel being run by these crooks faces annihilation.
Bollyn’s whole book, beginning with its incredibly uninformed forward, to the quotes from Jewish turncoats like Avraham Burg, Chomsky, Ostrovsky, and Shahak, to the phoney sympathy for the “oppressed” Arabs, to the constant references to his German identity, reads like it was written for the Nazis. He doesn’t get it: the “peacemakers” of Labor Zionism bring mass deaths to innocents, but to no one as much as we “other” Jews. We want them out of our lives just as much as you do.



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  • Barry,

    I am very annoyed how you use ‘Protestants‘ in your article in the manner you have. Have you joined forces with your new agency interviewees recently? Interesting you attack Protestantism when the real enemy is and always has been Catholicism. May I remind you that Protestantism is hammered daily about the slavery all whilst the Catholics are sitting pretty even though they destroyed most of the large Red Indian population of America and then they bought in a mass of black negros in the region rubbing their hands with excitement since these blacks could do more work than the Indian and would accept their slavery. Same as how all the Arab and Jewish mastery of the slavery is ignored along with who sold off the black slaves to their slave masters in the first place.

    The power lies in the Jesuit Order and its Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry based at Dallas in the Texas Union State working through the powerful New Jerusalem (City of London) not Jerusalem. This is mastered by the Committee of 300 made up of the finest Germanic, Franc aka European Nobility many of which are scioned with Labor Zionist families many of which no longer care about Sabbatai Zevi, Jacob Frank or anyone other than ‘The Juice’ which is the merchant money-changing and the worship of God’s metal known as Au. Money changing at the heart in the City of London run by the pirates of the Livery headed by The Worshipful Company of Mercers and the Bank of England in connection with the Universal Postal Union and the Bank of International Settlements both in Switzerland. The Universal Postal Union being one street away from the powerful Papal Nuncio at the Vatican Embassy.

    The whole perfected banking system is based upon Vatican Canon Law and may I remind you it was not Jews who created international banking. International Banking was created by the Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici which in 1312 was handed all to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta ‘The Greatest Merchants on Earth’ via the Ad Providam Papal Bull by the Holy See. Rothschild is a Hofjuden who simply has a control over the Bank of England stemming back to the Napoleonic era which we all know is connected to The Entity reviving their suppressed Order (Jesuit Order).

    Forget all this Ptech and look to Bombardier Master Trust, the World’s number one electronic warfare specialist. 9/11 was mastermind from the Gray’s Inn of the City of London and executed almost perfectly by Bombardier Master Trust and the Royal Canadian Air Force aided by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the UK Ministry of Defence as well as The Honourable Company of Master Mariners. Just look at what happened to the carbon trading platform at Cantor Fitzgerald/US Navy (Operation Looking Glass) to see who really gained from 9/11.

    The Scottish Rite wants the destruction of Israel! All that will be left is the Latin Kingdom which will be openly run by the Pope and his Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem which commands all the Papal orders including the Sacred Military Constantian Order of St George which the great Assad of Syria is apart of. The Scottish Rite will destroy both Zionism (a creation stemming from 1482 in Rome where the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were first thought up) and Islam.

    Forget the Council on Foreign Relations, the true power over the United States just below the Jesuit command at Georgetown University is of course the Dallas Scottish Rite based as The Cathedral at South Harwood. The same Scottish Rite which had John F. Kennedy slaughtered in their region to show their power to those non-profane and as a warning to further Presidents who do not toe the line. Forget the House of the Temple in Jesuit Washington D.C. the true power of the Scottish Rite is held at the Dallas Valley in the Orient of Texas.

    What is the Scottish Rite? Its the master of B’Nai B’Rith for starters. The Scottish Rite degrees are made up of twenty-five degrees written by the Jesuit Order and the thirty-second being dedicated to the Jesuit Order all be it esoteric. A Scottish Rite created by the Son, Alexander de Grasse of a powerful Order of Malta Knight, François de Grasse in order to usurp all other forms of Templarism including the Sinclair Freemasonry. The Order of Malta who were subordinated to the Jesuit Order in 1798. Its all Catholic and your Israeli Jews are going to be destroyed once and for all in the name of Rome using Labor Zionism as its tool just as it uses Atheists as its tools. Welcome to the reality of this Roman controlled hellhole ridded with Vatican backed Nazis made up of the old National Socialist Party and Zionists continuing today in the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency. This group is named the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst aka the ODESSA continuum run today by Knight of Malta George H.W Bush the husband of Barbara Bush of the powerful Catholic Perci family tied to the powerful Duke of Norfolk. Incidentally it is Barbara Bush who controls the Bush estate not her husband.

    The Towers were not destroyed by some fancy nano-technology from Shimon Peres (Jesuit trained, Vatican spy). This nano-technology is banded around as much as the word genetics to fool people just as they do with the health issues they cannot deal with and then they can say “oh its just genetics and genes”. No! This nano-technology could not destroy the World Trade Center in the fashion that it was destroyed. The main destruction of those towers was not the SmacSonic in the elevator shafts. The main attack was via nuclear devises fifty foot below the base of the building within the hard granite rock. One look at the after side-effects on human health and the sneaky de-radiation cleanups on trucks not to mention soil replacements should be the clue, study Chernobyl. If you do not understand nuclear detonations especially underground and in hard granite rock areas then I suggest you do so. I also suggest you study the true seismic rate of the trembling in the region prior to the demolition and then work out the kilotons needed to produce that effect.

    Christopher Bollin is a disinformation agent sent to attack all Jews following the desires of Catholicism who created the conspiracy arena using Soldier of Loyola, Frederick Copleston SJ in order to control the awakening minds and thus control all sides of the coin. This is why we hear the controlled alternative media names claiming to be Christian preaching one minute then slipping up with anti-Christian thinking. This is why we do not hear a World about the Geneva Bible 1560/99 but we are allowed to hear at best about the authorized King James Bible 1611. You are lucky to be even allowed to hear about that pirate Bible, which is sharp being reduced today. May I remind you that the King James Bible sits in all the Masonic (Luficerian) Temples. Why? Who mastered it in order to destroy the Puritan Geneva Bible? An occultist in Enochian magick by the name of Sir John Dee (007) of The Worshipful Company of Mercers from New Jerusalem the Roman City completely under the control of the Vatican since 1215 onwards after the Magna Carta signing and now completely under the control of the Jesuits by 1814! Even the first three degrees of masonry is identical to the first levels of Witchcraft and may I remind you that these Worshipful Companies are all Templar originated and of course Masonic Lodges run by a Worshipful Master.

    The alternative-media is the modern continuum of the American Protective League. If you want to cut the head off this serpent then New Jerusalem, Washington D.C. and Vatican City have to be destroyed Lawfully by military forces working for the people and sovereign land. I believe Denver, Colorado is the next front boy power to replace Washington D.C. which the US Navy is fully aware will be almost if not all destroyed in the next forty-years especially those non-District of Columbia areas which are below 400ft above sea-level. Ideally power-zones need to be above 800ft to truly survive whats coming soon. Interesting that Dallas is between 463 ft to 550 ft is it not? Only a side portion of Texas may be destroyed but where you dwell in Florida will be completely submerged. Should give you a clue to why Bombardier Master Trust destroyed Deepwater Horizon along with the conveyor belt desires. Interesting is it not that Dallas is located on the border of the 32nd degree and 33rd degree?

    -= The Unhived Mind

    • You are making good points. But the President is Protestant, so I used the example to make a point.

      -Barry Chamish

      • The false U.S. President is not a Protestant he is a Muslim and it is the Catholic Church who dominate Protestantism and Islam through their inter-religious dialogue control and of course financial power through their Universal Commercial Code aka Vatican Canon Law perfected Admiralty. The financial system being totally controlled by the Jesuit Order through their Order of Malta (Ad Providam 1312), Opus Dei and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. There are no true Protestants today just as their have not been for a very long time, the Puritans were destroyed by even their supposed own like Cecil a turncoat and puppet of the Pallavicini family dying to destroy the Geneva Bible with his Luciferian occultist Sir John Dee of those wicked Mercers of New Jerusalem.

        All titles of power are granted by the Pope including the title of Sovereign that Monarchs (Moon arches) like Elizabeth II (Dame of Malta) like to use. A so-called Protestant Queen (no she’s a Catholic Venetian Guelph) who runs a so-called Protestant division of the Knights of Malta. What you are not told is that all the Protestant divisions are controlled by the Cardinal Grandmaster in Rome via The Alliance of the Orders of St of Jerusalem based in Germany and Switzerland. The later being in the Canton of Geneva which is controlled by the House of Savoy and the House of Doria through high-level Papist, Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV a member of all the highest Papal Orders and very close in power to King Juan Carlos of Spain.

        The Savoy’s and Bourbon’s being two of the most powerful bloodlines in existence today, the later being the oldest of all. The Bourbon’s being a continuum of the Papal Nobility Farnese family which commissioned the founding of the Jesuit Order after the Los Alumbrados (Aragon Templars) order of Francis Borgia who mastered Ignatius Loyola. Who mastered the Spanish Inquisition? The Kingdom of Aragon and its continuum the Borja family and thats why it was run out of Rome at Borgo Pio. The Borgo’s being Borgia controlled including the sovereign state named Borgo Santo Spirito which houses the Curia Generalizia world headquarters of the Jesuit Order supposedly protected by Juan Carlos’s Centro Nacional de Inteligencia. There is no greater power than that of the Roman Empire and its continuum today!

        The greatest intelligence agency on Earth, the Jesuit Order/The Entity are the only ones who master and managed to master this Empire starting from 1798 into 1814 and 1870 onwards. Their economic system is handled by their subordinate the greatest merchants on Earth, the Order of Malta. The same order who have commanded New Jerusalem since 1312 via Ad Providam and of which became under the Jesuits in 1798 and openly to the non-profane in 1814. The Order of Malta created the Bank of England through The Worshipful Company of Mercers. These are the ancient Pirates of the Livery serving the City of London Corporation which controls Great Britain and rightfully uses it as the slave region is it named as. Remember that Brit is of course covenant man (promise to pay or shall we just say a slave) and the ain is land, a slave land. If we have the ish to the Brit then you know we have a slave man. No I am not proud to be British I am proud to be an Englishman. I will no longer call myself Sovereign because this title comes from the Holy See AntiChristos who created it in 1481 with the Aterni Regis Papal Bull. May I remind you that these old Papal Bulls were spelled (Witchcraft) onto sacrificed childrens’ skins and written in their blood in order to make them the most powerful documents on Earth known as ‘Living Documents’.

        All this anti-Protestantism gets my goat, its like how Protestants are blamed for slavery but one forgets who signed in slavery and it was the Pope himself! One forgets that the destruction of the Red Indians was by the Spanish Catholics. One forgets that both Arabs and Jews have slave mastered negros. One forgets that it was the Catholic slave masters who were brutal to their slaves and would even send them to commit crimes on Protestant lands thus the need for the very original Ku Klux Klan for protection. An organization which was later corrupted by infiltration units from Catholicism and then eventually by Albert Pike of the Scottish Rite who himself was mastered by Soldier of Loyola, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ who gave their Mormon cult the Utah Union State since Smet also controlled Brigham Young. See where I am going with this Barry Chamish?

        Another company of much interest with 9-11 is Amec Plc but of course many do not look at this company even though they refurbished The Pentagon area hit by the 900lb AGM 12C Bulpup and Nazi developed Mistral weapons via the A3 Skywarrior remotely controlled and guided by Bombardier Master Trust and properly utilising the GRS-11 Gyrochip like what was used in the main air attacks that day. Interesting that the French intelligence assets the Naudet brothers filmed the first plane utilizing equipment connected to an Amec Plc fitted studio at the City University of New York around the corner from the event and that Amec Plc are demolition experts and they were in the region at the time of the attacks. Follow the currency, follow the carbon trading worth $73 trillion a year back in 2001 the equivalent of the normal World-product figure. A World product which by the way is eclipsed by 3-4 times that amount in the dope trade run by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Fuellers for the House of Bourbon (Especially Opium via Sicily into Europe) using the military intelligence tied to The Worshipful Company of Mercers and their financial pirate system. Yes those filthy House of Keswick merchants from Scotland but riddled within Hong Kong the heroin trading capital of the World. All connected to the HSBC bank which was very well connected with The Honourable East India Company which was founded by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. All behind the scenes run by the Olympians mastered by the Priesthood no different to ancient times of the Priesthood dominating the money-changers cursing the peoples of land with their money being the worship of Isis the moon-eye ruling our oceans providing the currency.

        Is it any wonder these witches love the serpant on the staff as a symbol for the World’s reserve currency (Federal Reserve note)? A witchcraft symbol for scourg and punishment to create and purify and as I’ve said before the number four is symbolic for creation and Worldliness. Take a look at your number four on your keyboard Barry and what else will it print? Try to do some computer programming today Barry and notice how you need to use this symbol to create a line of executable code. Look at all the big New World Order slave labour and prison companies like G4S using this number and even their work fare programmes like 4Star let alone Serco with its A4e and so on and so on.

        -= The Unhived Mind

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