Some People in US Want to Exclude Muslims From Civil Society

Some People in US Want to Exclude Muslims From Civil Society © Flickr/ Chris Beckett

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The number of hate crimes against Muslims has significantly increased in the United States this year.

Most of the harassment occurred after the horrible terrorist attacks in Paris, committed by Daesh, also known as the Islamic State, in the Arab world.

A recent study revealed that there were 37-38 crimes taking place in the month following the Paris attacks, which is about three times the average number that experts witnessed over the last five years, California State University San Bernardino college professor Brian Levin said in an exclusive interview with Radio Sputnik.

Levin argued that Muslims living in the West regularly face discrimination from the local population. For instance, a recent poll found out that to some extent 43% of Americans have prejudices against those practicing Islam.

“That’s actually in some ways more important that these horrible crimes that are taking place. And the reason I say this is that there is a small [group] of people who are trying to exclude Muslims from the civil society,” Levin said.

According to professor, Muslims – compared with Jews — are poorly integrated in US society and face a lot of “micro-aggressions” from the local population “that don’t make the headlines.”

This can be a result of the trend to label the whole community of law-abiding people in a negative light, only because a bunch of extremists, claiming to adhere to the same religion, is discrediting Muslims with its aggressive and unlawful actions, the expert said.


  • theunhivedmind

    Go and read a Qu’ran and compare it in parts with various Christian Bibles and see if you find any common ground between the two. Now go and and do the exact same between the evil Talmud and the same Bibles and experience a shock to your system. Before Americans attack Muslims the first enemy should be that evil Tribe (Synagogue of Satan) who’re the cause of 98% of the world’s troubles and have been for centuries upon centuries. The white race should join with the blacks, asians and arabs as Christians, Muslims and others unite with a common goal to rid the world of the evils of Talmudism and that vile Tribe. Wake up Americans, remove the pro-Israel control within the U.S. before it’s too late!

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  • FreemanInChrist

    Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, but I was wondering do you believe the Jews are actually Jews or are they Khazars? There’s a lot of divided opinion on this.

    Also, the narrative is that radical Muslims only make up a small percentage of the Muslim population, but how come you have even in France for instance a 1/4 of the population supporting ISIS?

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