SPIEGEL journalists as a CIA employee?

SPIEGEL journalists as a CIA employee?


Chancellery suspected journalists as a CIA informer, has a secret memo. – Journalists are said to have betrayed a “mirror” informers in the Chancellery of the CIA. Chancellery-department manager informed them in May the secret inspectors of the Bundestag.

The Federal Chancellery believed that journalists have passed confidential information from the editors of the news magazine “Spiegel” at the CIA. This emerges from an internal memo of the head of intelligence department at the Federal Chancellery, Günter Hot, produced, BILD reported on Sunday. According to the note could hot imagine that colleagues of the “mirror” Editorial Offices may have been sources of US intelligence.

The note served hot as a briefing for his testimony in May before the Parliamentary Control Committee of the Bundestag, which oversees the intelligence services.

According to the newspaper report, the CIA had informed hot in June 2011 in Washington that a group leader of his department official secrets to the “mirror” betray. In this hot was submitted several reports of “mirror” issue 19/2011 which should have relied on secret information from the chancellery.

In August 2011, the then head of the chancellery Ronald Pofalla had the suspected officials from the intelligence department added to the archive without having confronted him with the accusations.

Ever since the publication of Wikileaks had been thought that German government officials are intercepted by the US intelligence agencies.

After BILD reported Sunday about the process to the chancellor’s office employees, the “mirror” had criminal complaint with the Federal Prosecutor reimbursed because he had been pried from foreign intelligence services.

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