StartCOIN atm for the trew era cafe

StartCOIN atm for the trew era cafe

Concept by Jamie Scott

I’m looking for ideas and feedback on the best solution for creating a StartCOIN atm that could be put in places such as the trew era cafe here in east london.

I’m looking for some estimates around cost. This solution would work well in a place that intends to also accept StartCOIN as a method of payment, using the new StartPay payment system.

Please post comments if you know of an atm that could easily support the sale of StartCOIN.

This could work off or online and could either be loaded with StartCOIN manually or be linked up to an exchange such as bittrex.

Look forward to getting some feedback from the community.

Thanks All

Jamie ScottCo-Founder of StartJOIN / StartCOIN

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