Startcoin gathered Max Keiser, Simon Dixon, Russell Brand and Kim Dotcom

Startcoin gathered Max Keiser, Simon Dixon, Russell Brand and Kim Dotcom

Author Fabio Bossi
2015-06-14 01:58 PM

” Bitcoin Capital “, the crypto-investment fund of Max Keiser and Simon Dixon has collected last week about EUR 1.4 million and its minimum funding target übetroffen by more than six times. The crowdfunding campaign on the platform organized that the ecosystem around the cryptocurrency StartCoin belongs. The fund is one-third of its funds in crypto startups such as Eric Voorhees invest who also collect on BnkToTheFuture capital. Another third will be invested in mining in order to pay out to investors daily dividends. The last third is invested in zukunfsträchtige crypto currencies such as StartCoin.

The currency has been launched mid-2014 by the eccentric Bank critics and financial media entrepreneur Keiser. Technically Startcoin is rather unspectacular, it is interesting rather created by the ecosystem and its supporters. Used the now widespread X11 Scrypt Proof of Work algorithm, the maximum number is limited to 84 million, of which 50% at the start of currency “pre-mined” – so in advance emitted – were. Herein may be due the skepticism with which you Startcoin in the crypto community, for example, encountered in Bitcointalk forum . “Pre-Mine” applies there – with some justification – as a clear indication of fraudulent activity, especially to the extent (50%), since it is assumed that the game merely involved the Coin developers to cash as quickly as possible. In Startcoin however to 90% of such pre-generated Coins of users and supporters will be given away, so as to achieve a broad diversification, even beyond the circle of those also who are able at all crypto currency to mines (or buying). Keiser is also resented that he has long spoken publicly for Maxcoin, a crypto-currency, which has since sunk into obscurity with which he however had only indirectly involved .

So Startcoin is currently also with a market capitalization of EUR and a price of around 0.0003 per Bitcoin Startcoin more in the no man’s land just under 1.7 million , albeit with a slight upward trend. The news flow was quite spectacular in recent weeks and months. In April 2015, the British actor and political activist was Russell Brand announced that he had the crowdfunding platform StartJoin will use to finance its projects, such as his news show called “Trews” (true news) . In another project, he wanted to collect 150,000 pounds of 02 June to spendieren penniless Britons laptops with Internet access (” Revolution for digital literacy “). He has so far unfortunately falls far short of this goal, but maybe some of the flow given away by him Startcoin over time in the project. In his new coffee based in London you can pay in any case already with Startcoin.

The platform StartJoin can be all sorts of ideas and projects to finance, both with Startcoin, as well as with fiat currencies, whether profit-making or non-profit. StartJoin serves as a precursor for BnkToTheFuture. Qualified a for-profit project in StartJoin, you can advertise it on BnkToTheFuture to win the favor of investors, issue shares and possibly qualify as a target investment of Bitcoin Capital Fund.

The most spectacular newcomer in StartCoin-crowdfunding universe is Kim Dotcom . UberTwitter of so enterprising as controversial 100 million US Internet entrepreneurs wanting to collect dollars on BnkToTheFuture for his MegaNet project called for the creation of a decentralized censorship resistant internet announced.

Whether he succeeds, of course, is in the stars, but growing attention around StartCoin and tethered crowdfunding platforms. The millionaire Bitcoin venture capitalist Charles Gray predicts Startcoin anyway a rosy future:

He, too, wants to start a crypto hedge funds and at a Startcoin event on 06/22/2015 in London imagine .

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