State Asset Sell Off

State Asset Sell Off

Posted on October 19, 2014 by Dublin Eileen — 8 Comments ↓

When the Troika Banksters formally took over our economy in 2010 a small group of Irish people met with Max and Stacy in Dublin. Max asked if Irish people were a state of shock or just suffering from Stockholm Syndrome swallowing blindly the Irish MSM’s compliant line? ‘The banksters have their eyes on the assets of the Irish people and they want them cheap!’ said Max. Although I had campaigned bitterly against NAMA ( a slush fund for big property developers) and considered myself aware, it was my Sunday Businness Post he was brandishing from the table he was standing on as he roared all this out. The shock tactic worked. Everyone in that room woke up out of the grief that held us immobilized. Now the corporatization of one of our most precious resources is the shock that has awoken the people of Ireland from their collective bankster/MSM induced PTSD. Politicians are running scared as we change our personal and collective narrative of powerlessness.

‘In November 2009, Fine Gael published a document titled New Era, with a plan for “bringing all of Ireland’s water assets under the ownership of one state company, Irish Water”.

It was no surprise when the Troika came up with the same idea. The people who run this country – using the Dail as a branch office – include politicians such as Angela Merkel and the bureaucrats of the European Central Bank. They share a right wing political bloodline with the major political parties here -including Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and the dominant strain within Labour.And turning water from a basic necessity into a saleable product is straight out of the modern right wing catechism.

Turn it into a product, then privatise it.’

In the shell-shock atmosphere of 2008-2012, people accepted whatever measures they were told would reverse the slide. No questions asked. By stonewalling over Irish Water, the Coalition is telling us all we need to know.Time to ask, ‘why are we doing this?‘

Minimum call-out charge of €188 from Irish Water.

Time for politics to find new way

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