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An authoritative new report by Policy Exchange, the UK’s leading centre-right thinktank, entitled The Hijacking of British Islam: How extremist literature is subverting Britain’s mosques, that Saudi Arabia is responsible for the majority of literature distributed in British mosques, and that that literature is rife with incitements to racism.

It is important that this is being revealed, because the penetration of Saudi influence is so thorough that even Muslims themselves simply regard it as status quo, and are mistaking Wahhabism for Islam.

But it isn’t anything like it. Very simply, Wahhabism preaches bigotry, not only against Kuffar or “unbelievers”, but also against “innovators”. In fact, this is how the movement itself started out.

During the eighteenth century, the British were making encroachments into the Arabian peninsula, but Mohammed Abdul Wahhab, the founder of the movement, instead declared “Jihad” against the entire Muslim world.

Sound fishy? Especially since the Muslim world was consolidated within the dominant political power in the world at the time, the Ottoman Empire. It’s amazing that most Westerners are completely unfamiliar with it. But that’s precisely the problem with the myth of Western civilization. It’s confused with the history of human civilization as a whole. But the West was only beginning to rise. On the contrary, it was the Ottomans who erected a formidable empire.

However, through their own corruption as well as efforts like those of the British, to divide and rule, by creating division such as the subversion of the Wahhabis, the Ottoman Empire began a long drawn out decay, until its eventual collapse in 1924.

It was then that the Saudis seized on the opportunity to gain control of Arabia, and by that, control of the great holy places of Islam, Mecca and Medina, and thereby, some pretense of legitimacy.

That pretense is currently being extended to numerous parts of the world, particularly into Muslim populations living abroad, through the dissemination of its literature.

Unbeknownst the most of the Muslim world, Saudi Arabia was created by oil interests and continues to serve them. This relationship ripened after the oil Crisis, when the Saudis were recruited by the CIA to use their massive funds to finance their covert operations. This began with the funding of the Contras, that eventually evolved into the Iran-Contra Affair, which traded Nicaraguan cocaine and Afghani opium to finance the so-called Mujahideen.

Just prior to that, however, the CIA had arranged the transfer of numerous members of the Muslim Brotherhood, who helped nurture the “Jihadi” philosophy that was used in the recruitment of Arabs worldwide to join the fight.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which, though it poses as an orthodox Muslim organization, is secretly derived from Egyptian Freemasonry, and has long been a tool of Western intelligence agencies. It’s most famous member was an ideologue by the name of Sayyed Qutb, and it is his incitements to hatred, bigotry and violence which you will find touted by various publications and disseminated through the abundance of Saudi wealth.

It’s time that this insidious campaign be exposed, and that not only the Muslims recognize how their religion is being hijacked, and return to more traditional interpretations, but also that people in the West begin to recognize what is the true source of this supposed radicalization of Islam, and to what extent it does not reflect the mindset of the majority of Muslim, let alone the thirteen centuries of Islamic civilization.

You can read more about the study, and download a copy of it

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