Substantial proof border fence is for Americans

March 30 2015

Substantial proof border fence is for Americans.

I have proven in no uncertain terms with direct physical proof that there are no immigrant children arriving at America`s borders in waves, or AT ALL. Last summer, when this huge sad immigrant children story was in the news, I conducted an investigation where I drove all over Mexico to ALL key choke points on all rail lines and interviewed rail yard security at these locations. They never saw these kids that were in the news, and knew the news was a hoax. One even went as far as to directly call it a lie outright.

I then produced a video of these interviews, and got to the bottom of the story. In reality, someone who was obviously very well funded was staging train derailments on abandoned rail spurs and having hundreds of locals from the surrounding towns ride on top of these trains, which were only on private spurs, and using them for photo ops. This worked well for hatching B.S. story after story about how these poor refugee children were getting stranded when their trains went off the tracks. I guess they wanted that to add believability to the whole ruse.

Why am I mentioning this now? Because I guess they think my bust of their scam has worn off enough so they are going to give it another go, they are talking about these immigrant children again. When I released my video regarding this topic, they spiked the entire children on trains ruse within a day.

That border fence is for YOU pal, and no one else.

They want people begging for a totally secure border fence so when that Fema crack down happens, Americans will have no where to run, JUST LIKE COLD WAR RUSSIA and the Berlin wall.

They need well funded and fronted psyops to make Americans beg for it, but no matter what they put in the news, it is ALREADY BUSTED, and the following video PROVES IT.

This video went to just shy of 10,000 hits in the first two days and then “stopped receiving views entirely” after that, obviously You-tube froze the hit counter. If you ever wanted to see a classic bust of all aspects of a media lie, from the derailments to the border to the children, the entirel ball of wax, This cannot be beaten it is a classic!


No matter what they put in the news, there is no such thing as a one way fence. It will keep Americans in, that will be its purpose because Mexicans can just cross through the regular gates any time they want anyway. That was a different bust.

March 29 2014

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