Sudan’s President claims CIA and Mossad ‘stand behind’ Isis and Boko Haram

Omar al-Bashir says ‘there is no Muslim who would carry out such acts’

HEATHER SAUL Author Biography Tuesday 17 February 2015

Sudan’s President has claimed the CIA, America’s intelligence agency, and Israel’s Mossad are behind the Islamist militant groups Boko Haram and Isis.

Omar al-Bashir used an interview with Euronews to claim there was a connection between the American and Israeli intelligence organisations and both extremist groups.

He spoke after Isis released a video purporting to show the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya, an act that prompted Egypt to respond with air strikes avenging the massacre.

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Al-Bashir told the broadcaster: “I said CIA and the Mossad stand behind these organisations; there is no Muslim who would carry out such acts.”

Boko Haram abducted 300 girls from a school in Nigeria last year and recently claimed responsibility for the massacre in the north-east Nigerian town of Baga, warning in the video that the killings were “just the tip of the iceberg”.

Isis militants have killed thousands during their bloody insurgency across Syria and Iraq.

He also cautioned against taking violent measures to fight militants, claiming it could lead to an even more severe extremist response.

“Our policy has been largely successful, after we arrest these young people we bring a group of young scholars to engage in dialogue with them about their thoughts, and we succeed to bring a lot of them back from their radical ideas,” he added.

His remarks come after the leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah group also claimed the CIA and Israel’s Mossad are behind the extremist group, according to the Associated Press.

In January, Melih Gokcek, the mayor of the Turkish city Ankara, claimed Mossad was involved in the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, committed by Islamist militants.

Explaining his conspiracy theory, he suggested Israel was behind the mass shooting because it wanted to “boost enmity towards Islam”, the Financial Times reports.

The wide-ranging discussion also saw the President challenge a report by Human Rights Watch claiming more than 200 women and girls were raped by Sudanese troops in an assault on the north Darfur town of Tabit, which the group said happened on 30 October.

He dismissed the report as “a radio news item from Radio Dabanga which is hostile to us,” and “opposition-run and Israeli funded”, Euronews reports.

The full interview with al-Bashir will air on Wednesday.


  • theunhivedmind

    The Suden President is correct in what he is saying but he forgets to mention two of the far bigger players behind the Islamic State and those are Saudi Arabia and the boss of all bosses known as New Venice (Britain). Notice how you’re told regular that the CIA and Mossad are behind everything but you hardly ever hear a word about the British Secret Intelligence Service? Well who do you think has been running the CIA and Mossad since the same group created both of them? The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem used its British MI6 (now the SiS) with the likes of Sir William Stephenson to create both the CIA (Office of Strategic Service & Schutzstaffel) and Mossad. All roads lead to New Jerusalem which is based in New Venice (Britain) under the watchful eye of the House of Windsor (New Doge), City of London Corporation, Knights of Malta (St John’s Gate, Clerkenwell), Order of Malta (St John’s Wood) and of course the Jesuits (Mount St, Westminster). Lets not forget how the ISIL Caliphate is a puppet of the SiS. You might also find it interesting that Mossad have been called by the CIA the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service and thus we have ISIS in the initials as you can see. Now lets not forget about the American ISIS who have now had to change their name to SIS because of their exposure on the Internet. The war on terror is the biggest farce going and the only way to remove it is to remove the head of the snake in New Venice as well as Saudi Arabia, then remove the Obamas and John McCains in the United States and the Bibi clan in Israel! To start the ball rolling start off with de-classifying the missing 28-pages from the 9/11 Commission exposing Saudi Arabia funding of the 9/11 patsies.

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    `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

  • theunhivedmind

    18 feb 2015

    Watch for assassination of Sudan’s President

    The day after President Al-Bashir made the claim that the CIA and Mossad are running ISIS and Boko Haram, the exact press runs that would have reported this were seized from Sudan’s 16 top newspapers and destroyed before they could be distributed. It is fairly obvious that their publishing this was the reason for the seizure, and the fact it happened makes a huge point:
    Someone is in control of the Sudanese police forces other than the President. Someone gave the order to stop the message about what President Al Bashir said.

    The details:

    During an interview on Euronews which took place on Feb 17, Sudan’s President stated in very clear terms that the CIA and Israel’s Mossad are behind the Islamist militant groups Boko Haram and Isis. He went on to reference the Isis beheadings of 21 coptic christians in Libya and said that no Muslim group would ever do that. He is right. However, if all the newspapers that would have gotten his message out to the Sudanese people were seized before they could report his saying this, he is not in full control of the country and is probably in serious danger.
    This morning, The Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service seized copies of 16 daily newspapers, which included Al-Tayar, Al-Rai al-Aam, Al-Intibaha, Akhir Lahza, Al-Ahram al-Youm, Awal al-Nahar, Al-Watan, Al-Sudani, Alwan, Al-Saiha, Al-Mijhar al-Siyasi, Al-Dar, and Hikayat. I have obviously never heard of these, but they were, according to reports, the largest papers in the country.

    Most likely Sudan is half controlled by the CIA and Mossad, and they censored the President via force. If they saw fit to take action of this sort, they will be very likely to discipline Al-Bashir by killing him. With all the remote control options in cars, planes and trains available to them now, they will not need to use a bullet. It is called plausible deniability . . . .

  • theunhivedmind

    13 Newspaper Print Runs Seized in Sudan as its President Claims CIA and Mossad Behind ISIS and Boko Haram

    February 19, 2015 truthsector ISIS/ISIL, Sudan13, al-bashir, cia, crackdown, isis, mossad, newspapers, omar, press, print runs, seized,

    On the same day (February 16, 2015) that Euronews reported about its interview with Sudanese president Omar (Umar) al-Bashir in which he said that the CIA and the Mossad are behind ISIS and Boko Haram Sudanese security officers seized the print runs of 13 newspapers. The newspapers seized were Al-Tayar, Al-Rai al-Aam, Al-Intibaha, Akhir Lahza, Al-Ahram al-Youm, Awal al-Nahar, Al-Watan, Al-Sudani, Alwan, Al-Saiha, Al-Mijhar al-Siyasi, Al-Dar, and Hikayat, reported PM News. For those who are aware, it is hardly a coincidence that the crackdown on the Sudanese press occurred on the same day.

    Bloomberg now tries to take away the heat from the events in Sudan by implying that the crackdown is part of al-Bashir’s election campaign. Of course that makes no sense at all since al-Bashir would score very high in the elections with remarks as reported about by Euronews. Al-Bashir would only benefit when his Euronews interview and allegations towards the CIA and the Mossad were printed and distributed in Sudan, he’d certainly not order the press to not publish his take on ISIS and Boko Haram.

    It is therefore highly likely that CIA or other UNEI pawns, who have infiltrated Sudan on the highest levels for quite some time already, are behind the press crackdown. Who else??!!

    It needs little imagination to see that when one country like Sudan starts printing such truths that more African nations will follow that trend. With that the UNEI terror alliance would lose considerable ground in the continent that they so eagerly want to loot and rape.

    Earlier the Jewish Press wrote that ISIS has started world war 3 and now that a lot of people are finding out that like Al Qaeda also ISIS/ISIL and Boko Haram are UNEI products and franchises the terror alliance obviously has to act swiftly now when they want to pursue and complete their plans of taking the world to a next global conflict that will clearly find its origin in a series of false flag events around the world perpetrated by the UNEI terror alliance, being of course the US, NATO, the EU and Israel.

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