Swine Corporate Cops now trying to take control of unregulated Rickshaws in the West End

170-year-old law traps rogue rickshaws in West End crime blitz

Michael Howie
30 March 2012

Police are using 19th-century laws designed to tackle the “furious riding” of horse-drawn carts to deal with rickshaw drivers.

A string of pedicabs were impounded last night at the launch of a six-month blitz on West End crime, as officers called for them to be banned.

Hundreds of police were involved in high-profile patrols under the Met’s Operation Trafalgar, launched to present the West End in its best light in Olympic year.

They aim to target brawling drunks, drug dealers, pickpockets, unlicensed minicabs and dangerous rickshaw driving. Police also manned a chill-out tent in Piccadilly for drinkers to sober up before making their way safely home.

By early evening, seven rickshaws were taken off the street using the Metropolitan Police Act 1839, which prohibits “riding or driving furiously such as to endanger the life or limb of any person, or to the common danger of the passengers in the thoroughfare”.

For groups of parked rickshaws, a section of the Act criminalises anyone who “causes any cart or public carriage to stand longer than is necessary”.

Officers were issued with handbooks on how to apply the law. Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens, in charge of policing the West End, explained: “There are no laws that deal specifically with rickshaws — they are unregulated. So we are using the tools available. If we have to go back two centuries to apply the law, we will.

“I would like to see them taken off the road altogether. There is no protection. They put passengers at risk — particularly passengers who have had too much to drink — and the drivers are unqualified.”

Police sniffer dogs are also being deployed to snare people carrying drugs on the Tube. By early evening, 10 warnings were issued and one arrest was made for cannabis possession. To speed police response during the crackdown, a new Met control room has been established to direct officers to any sign of trouble.

Cameras are being used which are capable of identifying vehicle number plates, with the aim of keeping known criminals out of the West End, while pubs and clubs that fail to tackle

violence, excessive drunkenness or drugs could be closed.

Deputy assistant commander Steve Kavanagh said: “They will get their warnings and we will close them down if they don’t follow the rules. It will be much more robust than it has been.”

    Notice how this Masonic corporate filth have to use laws going back into the early 19th Century? Notice they have no idea of these laws and need training? I’d like to know how they deal with these old laws seeing as today we no longer have a scrap of Common Law since the 1933 takeover with the usurping Admiralty Law. Tell me how an Administrative Court is going to deal with these cases? These corporate filth cannot stand not being able to control everything and not aid The City of London pulling in debt instruments for the slightest thing going. Unless one causes loss, injury or harm then these corporate filth have no case in the slightest.

    People of England have to fight back and follow the laws of the land which still stand to this very day. This Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 must be destroyed and the people must be set free within their Nation of land once again. I’d like to see if in Common Law they even use the term passenger and if so it will have a very different meaning. We know in Admiralty a passenger is classed as someone paying to be transported by a driver. If you have a car and take your friend down the road to his home, you do not have a passenger and you are not a driver under the law of the land. You’ve not taken any commercial gain in the slightest and this is the only reason someone will ever need a driver’s license. You are merely a controller or traveler in your carriage. Never admit that your carriage is a vehicle or that you were on the highway etc. Make sure you know the corporate terms used in Admiralty and then they cannot have you for anything although they will try their hardest like the scum they are. Why do you think that the Police love to put words in your mouth and write statements for you hoping you’ll agree and then sign? Think about it! They rely on your low intelligence and more importantly consent. An Act of Parliament is enabled by the Goverment but needs the consent of the governed. Do not consent or fall for wordings which will instantly entrap you in their jurisdiction.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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