Swiss Border Guards Arrest Key Suspect in Cologne Sex Assaults – Police

Swiss Border Guards Arrest Key Suspect in Cologne Sex Assaults – Police © AP Photo/ Oliver Berg

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One of the key suspects in New Year Cologne sex assaults was spotted during shoplifting in southern Germany and after crossing the Swiss border was arrested by the local border guards on Wednesday, German police said in a statement on Thursday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – According to the statement, the 19-year-old suspect along with another 24-year-old man were spotted in the German frontier city of Konstanz where they shoplifted cigarettes and groceries worth $27. They were reportedly followed by an undercover security worker of the shop across the Swiss border who later alerted the Swiss Border Guard.

One of the border guards recognized the 19-year-old man as one of the main perpetrators of the New Year’s Eve sex attacks in Cologne which was confirmed by subsequent verification of his personal details by German law enforcement, police added.

Now German police in Konstanz are waiting for the extradition of the suspect. Prosecutors of the Swiss city of Kreuzlingen have already issued an extradition warrant.

The Cologne sex attacks occurred on the New Year’s Eve with more than 1,100 criminal complaints, including over 480 accusations of sexual assault and several rapes. The incident sparked public outrage as police tried to hide up the scandal for several days and resulted in anti-migrant protests across the European Union.

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