Synagogue of Satan try to lure Miss Colombia into seedy pornographic business

Miss Colombia Gets $1 Mln Porn Contract as Consolation Prize? © REUTERS/ Steve Marcus

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Porn company Vivid Entertainment wrote a letter to Miss Colombia offering her one million dollars to be the female lead in a videotaped sex act after she surrendered the Miss Universe title in a striking mix-up.

Ariadna Gutierrez, the 21-year-old Miss Universe contestant for Columbia, was mistakenly crowned the winner on Sunday when host Steve Harvey read the wrong name from the card. Following the shocking error, Ms. Gutierrez was declared a runner-up and graciously handed over the crown to the contestant from The Philippines.

Vivid founder and co-CEO Steven Hirsch saw an opportunity in the incident and took advantage of her sudden notoriety to invite Ms. Gutierrez, in a letter, to have sex for money on videotape, TMZ reported.

For an appearance in a videotaped sex act, Ms. Gutierrez was offered US $1 million, plus she would be allowed her pick of recommended partners and be able to choose the form that the sex act would take. Hirsch also asserted that Gutierrez would become even more famous than the winner of the Miss Universe contest, and be able to use that fame for other, unidentified, career choices.

“I think I have a way that you can benefit from your experience financially as well as increasing your fame way past that of the new Miss Universe. Try to think about the names of former Miss Universe or Miss America title-holders. The only name that most people remember is Vanessa Williams,” the Vivid co-CEO slyly suggested.

The successful porn pitchman continued his plea to Ms. Guiterrez: “The main reason that her nude photos appeared in Penthouse Magazine and as a result her Miss America title was withdrawn from her. Today Vanessa is an accomplished actress, singer and author. She has even admitted that the incident with Penthouse helped rather than hurt her career.”

The company promised it would make a unique Vivid Girl crown especially for Ms. Gutierrez, and sweetened the deal by declaring that the crown would be “grander than anything Miss Philippines will ever wear.”

Gutierrez is not known to have dignified the offer with a reply.

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