Taxation WITHOUT representation

Nov 24 2014

Taxation WITHOUT representation

I have a favorite cadillac, it’s the 1998 Northstar, the maxed out version. I saw one in a parking lot in DC, and after noticing the plate I had to get a picture. The owner stepped out and asked why I took a picture of his car, and I said it’s my favorite Cadillac, and he smiled. I asked him if his plate was normal, and he said yes, that’s a normal Washington DC plate. I then started looking at all the cars and realized they all said that.


THIS is the exact reason for the revolutionary war – where England was taxing the American colonies, without representing them.

This is a telling sign – Washington DC knows it does not represent the American people, it represents a corporation that has re-named America to the United States of America, which is indeed a corporation and not a government. The proper name for the union is the United States. Once “Of America” is added, it’s a corporate statement. I do not have time to go into details on this, but the best source of information with regard to the corporate takeover of America is HERE: It’s not the

Wayne Barbuto (It’s not the has written a brilliant book which outlines the hostile takeover of America, the courts, and the constitution. It’s not free, but well worth the price. I don’t pitch people on this site, but I simply do not know of a better resource than what Wayne has provided, and if he needs to charge for it, well, that is that.

It’s a fact that the District of Columbia is NOT American territory and not part of any state, it is a parcel of land set aside for the implementation of the criminal enslavement of the American people, and that statement on the license plate – “taxation without representation” stands as a testimony to this fact.


  • John Smith

    . “The proper name for the union is the United States. Once “Of America” is added, it’s a corporate statement.” I’m sorry but it’s exactly the contrary. The union’s name is United States FOR America. The Corporation’s name is Unites States, and so you have the US Army, the US Pentagon, and so on.

    • theunhivedmind

      Well actually the corporate name is the USA Financial Ltd or was back in 1985 it might have changed names since then. The proper way to write the real American is the united states of America with lower case never upper case. At the end of the day its a fact that Lincoln incorporated the American Republic but it was to be temporary just to pay the debts being demanded by the Worshipful Company of Skinners. The assassination made sure the corporation continued and thus the continuation ever since of the destruction of the Constitution since all with a birth certificate are U.S. chattel not American beings.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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