Tear Down the British Empire

jan 8 2015

Tear Down the British Empire

Wednesday’s Capitol Hill press conference on the censored 28 pages, featuring former Senator Bob Graham and sitting Congressmen Walter Jones and Stephen Lynch, was a body blow to the British Empire and their global terrorism apparatus. And it was time that it happened, Lyndon LaRouche commented today.

All the more so, since scarcely hours before the Washington press conference began, that same British-run terror apparatus was deployed in Paris, France, where masked and heavily armed gunmen killed 10 journalists and two policemen at the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Because of the uncontrollable implosion of their financial system, Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly warned over recent weeks that the British Empire can be counted on to use war — including financial, military, and irregular warfare such as terrorism — in an effort to maintain their death-grip on the planet.

At the 28-pages press conference, Senator Graham and Representatives Jones and Lynch not only denounced the Saudi role in 9/11, but more than once drew the parallel to the “British perfidy” against the United States during the Civil War. Senator Graham called for a “Lincolnesque” response from the country’s institutions, a far cry from what has been seen from the Congress and the Executive to date. They announced a drive to get Senators to introduce a similar resolution to the one presented to the House of Representatives, calling for the release of the 28 pages. In fact, a number of the participants in the event, including members of the LaRouche movement, went directly from the Capitol Hill press conference to lobby Senators and Congressmen to do just that.

Now more must be done, and fast. The continuing plunge of the euro portends the meltdown of the trans-Atlantic financial system, even before the critical Jan. 25 Greek elections. The British Empire has launched renewed financial warfare against Russia, which could backfire — and that, most explosively — at any moment. And Jeb Bush, like the true grandson of the Nazi Prescott Bush that he is, launched his presidential campaign drive Wednesday with a fundraiser with relatives in … Greenwich, Connecticut, the hedge fund capital of the U.S.!

But, Lyndon LaRouche noted, now that the Republicans have consolidated power in Congress, and with Wall Street interests being concentrated in the Republican leaders, the Republican party will quickly become the most hated party in the United States.

The alternative to such fascism is the total paradigm shift embodied in LaRouche’s Four Laws and our drive to bring the U.S. and Europe on board with the BRICS. The next advance in organizing that paradigm shift, is centered on the upcoming Schiller Institute conference in Manhattan on January 17, just nine days from now.

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