Tech-savvy Obama dishonest on Clinton emails scandal

‘Tech-savvy Obama dishonest on Clinton emails scandal’

Published time: 27 Oct, 2016 17:11

Barack Obama was 100 percent dishonest about the Clinton email scandal, as it is preposterous for the President not to look at the address of the sender on a personal email device in his hand, said private investigator and writer Charles Ortel.

The Clinton email scandal revealed even President Barack Obama had been exchanging messages with his Secretary of State over her private, unsecured sever. And now a new revelation shows, Hillary Clinton’s campaign team was sent into a panic, when the President claimed the first thing he knew about the whole story, was when he saw it on the news.

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RT: Do you think Obama was 100 percent honest about how he discovers the Clinton email problem?

Charles Ortel: I think he was 100 percent dishonest. He’s a man who was very actively involved using his Blackberry as a senator, and as a private person he was cool and ahead of the game in his use of technology. Indeed he was the first president to insist on having a personal email device in his hand…

I think the bigger story here is that President Obama was communicating with Hillary Clinton in the emails that I saw using a private address of his own. It’s not simply that Hillary was sending him using her private address. He too, I think was using a private address.

RT: The White House admitted that Obama and Clinton had emailed each other on her private server, adding that Obama “was not aware of the details of how that email address and that server had been set up.” What’s your take on that? Is it possible Obama didn’t notice Clinton was using her private account?

CH: I am not very technically sophisticated as my children constantly remind me, but even I know, that when I look through my emails to decide which one is to open, I don’t look at the subject, I look at the sender. Trying to decide – could it be spam, could it be dangerous, etc. It is preposterous that President Obama is so busy – he is choosing to open emails wouldn’t have noticed that this came from a private address as opposed to address.

RT: Why do you think the Clinton camp was so panicked over the scandal?

CH: The big question here is not the minutiae. The big issue is – this is the first senior cabinet official, mind you, Secretary State over here is a big job. This is the first senior person to exclusively send and receive emails over a private system. All these communications that Hillary had in the service of our people here in this country are the property of our people and the systems to regulate what the people know about our leaders with email communications, all deal with the absolute right for us to get non classified information, and our press to circulate and analyze it…

RT: Donald Trump has said the President should also be investigated over the Clinton email scandal. How likely is that to happen?

CH: I don’t think there is going to be any investigation of President Obama between now and the time he leaves. That said – depending on who wins, the wider scandals involving Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, and the companies around the Clinton Foundation – whether or not Trump wins – those are going to be investigated. It will take time to get to the bottom of what really happened here; who is going to be investigated inside our country and around the world?

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