Tepco should be in Court as Radiation levels in Japan Spike [Video]

Jul 13, 2012


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  • Please remember that during April and June of 2011 that the radiation from Fukushima in the atmosphere was the equivalent of three-hundred Chernobyl disasters. Then you had another spike when the steam from the fuel rod issue also entered the atmosphere and spread over to Hawaii and the U.S. both of which are covered in radiation more than most in the Northern Hemisphere. This is nuclear warfare for population reduction under the Club of Rome utilizing the horrific mind of Audrey Tomason (Director for Counter-Terrorism) and her ‘Apocalypse Equation’ thesis for human depopulation. Welcome to a short lifespan riddled with toxicity, birth defects, low fertility with disease (thyroid, diabetes) and drug dependency not to mention the coming cancer rates. Watch the campaigns soon to test for diabetes as both the radiation damages Spleen function plus the allopathic doctors bringing down the goal posts to claim you are diabetic even if not. Diabetes is key here!

    -= The Unhived Mind

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