Terrorists in Mexico??!!??

April 26 2016

Terrorists in Mexico??!!??

This is how it is:

No terrorist will cross the Mexican border. Why take that extra step? Mexico has ports they would have to go through, so why risk that, and THEN the totally unfamiliar desert and the border patrol? Laugh at Mexico all you want, but they are much tighter about letting people in than America is, why on earth would a terrorist do it the hard way?

If any terrorists enter America, they will just come in welcomed by Obama, or jump off a boat and swim to shore, or whatever, WHY would they do it in many steps through Mexico when they can do it in one and get in on the first try?

There is ZERO Islamic community support in Mexico, there are many areas where you cannot find a single Muslim in cities with populations over a million. However, in America there are Muslims EVERYWHERE to provide support, so once again, WHY do it the hard way in Mexico? Who on earth would try to stage something where there is absolutely no one familiar to help?

People need to wake up to the idiocy of the entire “terrorist in Mexico” meme, it is pure bunk. Mexicans would spot an Arab from 15 miles away and immediately shout TERROR and kick his butt. That won’t happen in America, where people do not even have enough balls to keep an election straight despite owning piles of guns. Guns are for police, don’t you know, and bullets really only fly ONE DIRECTION, from the government to YOU. That is the new “American way”.

No American would ever have the balls to shoot a terrorist, they would call the government and have the government do it. And by that time, the terrorist would be gone. Mexico would offer an atmosphere of immediate anti terror enforcement. No police action needed. So why stage terror in Mexico? Pure idiocy. Totally transparent psy op.

And we all know about the CIA, which would have NO PROBLEMS with the border patrol . . . . . Hmmmmm . . . . .

Hmmm . . . . Catholic drug lords and Islamic terrorists. I see a real potential for an alliance there! But it might happen if BOTH are in love with the CIA. And that would be a government problem. And the bullets will fly ONLY TO YOU.

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