Tesco Supermarket sold fake mutton in China

Tesco among China supermarkets ‘to sell fake mutton’

Tesco has become embroiled in China’s latest food safety row after it was alleged to have sold “fake mutton” supplied by a factory in Shanghai.

Tesco among China supermarkets ‘to sell fake mutton’

The allegations were made in a report by local television station STV

By Tom Phillips, Shanghai12:54PM BST 05 Jun 2013

The British supermarket chain, which opened its first “own-brand” China outlet in 2007 as part of an ongoing push into Asia, was one of several leading supermarkets accused of stocking “Hewang Snow Flake Lamb Meat” – a product which scientists claimed was in fact composed of 95 per cent duck meat.

The allegations were made in a report by local television station STV and came after police raided a local food supplier that was named as Shanghai Hewang Food Co Ltd.

“Normally, [the product] is sold to hypermarkets,” the factory’s manager told the channel, naming Tesco and France’s Auchan as clients.

STV claimed Walmart had also stocked the product in question, which was sold for around £3.20 per packet.
Recent months have seen a succession of shocking food scandals in China including reports last month that Shanghai diners had been duped into guzzling counterfeit lamb that was in fact rat, fox or mink.

In March Li Keqiang, China’s new prime minister, vowed to tackle the problem with an “iron fist, firm resolution and tough measures”.

But the scandals continue to come thick and fast with almost daily reports of cadmium tainted rice, diseased pigs and poultry and E. coli-infested fake beef and lamb.

Lamb appears to have become a particular focus for Chinese food adulterers.

In July last year a villager from Shaanxi province died after gorging himself on pesticide-infused lamb.
The Shanghai Food Safety Office is investigating the latest case of duck dressed up as mutton, according to the Shanghai Daily newspaper.

A Beijing-based spokesman for Tesco China said: “We are aware of the test results published by STV news on Hewang Snow Flake Lamb Meat, a branded product, and have withdrawn the product from sale. We are investigating this matter with the supplier concerned.”

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