This Cohen family owned nightmare just get worse by the day. They have been using Unum slave labour through the Department for Work and Pensions workfare system and not paying them a single penny. Its time to continue all boycotts of Tesco once and for all.

Did you hear that they are now claiming they will pay the slave labour for work they do? What you have not been told is that they will only be paying a maximum £45 per week. Now if you do a 38 hour a week job that would equal £1.18 per hour. Now if we add £1.18 to the slave rate of the Jobseeker’s Allowance benefit for over 24 year olds (even less for younger) this comes out at £1.77 per hour then the addition giving us £2.95 per hour. The legal minimum wage for an adult is £6.08 an hour. So tell me is this not fifty percent down on the minimum wage which is illegal requirement by law. This figure is even below the 16-17 year old rate for God sake.

Are these people taking the piss or what? As I said the boycott stands and Tesco shall be bankrupted where it deserves. All hard-working paid staff at Tesco will lose their jobs and themselves end up on Workfare as they cannot get jobs in the engineered and covered-up economic depression. Tesco have been having meetings with staff who are now getting upset that their overtime has been cut and even including cut backs on uniforms. All of course whilst slaves are doing cheap labour. People we must stand together and nip this in the butt quickly. Lets not forget to mention those dreadful self-service tills destroying paid jobs and forcing you the customer to become a slave all whilst Tesco prices are higher than most.

Are you sure these upcoming so-called 20,000 dead-end service jobs by Tesco will be full paid jobs or all manned by thousands of shafted workfare victims? Victims not only of workfare but of the engineered depression started by William Clinton and Robert Rubin aiding derivative trading to put the World in a false debt ready for The Worshipful Company of Mercers to take the lot for pennies and usher in the draconian feudal New World Order all tied to the Club of Rome and the Post-Industrial Zero Growth Society thanks to Malthusians.

Its time for everyone to get behind The Lawful Bank and its creator the British Constitutional Group and rid our land of this merchant scum destroying Nationalism, pride, morals and our Sovereignty. Expect to see all those genetically modified, chemical ridden barcode product pushing Tesco Express stores to have War*Wart logos on the top soon.

-= The Unhived Mind


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