Texas Cop Slams 12-Year-Old Girl to the Ground

Texas Cop Slams 12-Year-Old Girl to the Ground (VIDEO) © REUTERS/ Mike Stone

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A video posted online of a police officer using absurdly excessive force on a 12-year-old student in San Antonio, Texas, has resulted in the suspension of the cop.

According to media reports, the officer, breaking up a confrontation between the girl and another student, stated that he was kicked by the girl. The officer then grabbed her from behind, spun her around and propelled her head sharply to the concrete floor, rendering the child briefly unconscious.

An investigation has been launched on the officer’s actions. The officer was placed on paid administrative leave after officials saw the video of the incident.

“We need to find out all the details as to what occurred, but I can also say that we will not tolerate excessive force in this district,” said Leslie Price, San Antonio Independent School District spokeswoman.

The use of excessive force by police officers remains an ongoing problem in the United States. Last year, a sheriff’s deputy in South Carolina was fired after he was caught on video knocking a student out of her classroom chair and on to the floor.

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