Thai Cyberactivists Target Gov’t Websites to Protest Internet Controls

Thai Cyberactivists Target Gov’t Websites to Protest Internet Controls © Flickr/ Dennis Skley

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Thousands of Thai cyberactivists launched a distributed-denial-of-service (DDOS) attack against government websites to express their opposition to restrictive measures to control the Internet proposed by the authorities, local media reported Thursday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Last week, Thai media carried reports about government plans to regulate user access to the Internet by creating a single gateway that could be controlled by the authorities. The initiative was negatively received by the public, viewing it as an infringement on freedom as the law would enable the government to block undesirable websites more easily.

On Wednesday evening, thousands of internet users attacked government websites, forcing several of them to crash, including those of the Thai Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, the Bangkok Post newspaper reported.

All the websites managed to restored their activities by Thursday morning, according to the news outlet.
An online petition, which has already collected more than 100,000 signatures, has been set up to protest the government plans.

DDOS attacks can be caused by a huge number of Internet users or special programs simultaneously sending requests to a website until it exceeds its capacity to handle the Internet traffic

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